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  1. I too am a new owner of the AM Tubadour 3. I owned a Denafrips Ares 2 prior and sold it after two weeks. I had wanted an R2R with tubes but tried to cheap out with the Ares. Too harsh for me. Very detailed though. Good Bass. So my question now is -Upgrade the AM to the SE for about + $700 or -Try the Pontus. Currently 30-45 days out. $1700 I think I will do the upgrade with Vlad. Reason is the AM's open, organic sound. Also it makes my big speakers disappear. I prefer the musicality aspect over the detail. Jeff DAC review 2-21.docx
  2. RDS, I was told by several people that he more CS oriented than he probably should be. Thanks for the good word!
  3. I just took delivery of the $1500 model a few days ago. After getting some hours on it I love it. Vlad says it can be upgraded so now I am very tempted. Ideas?
  4. Good afternoon Mr. Graves. When will you be announcing this new world beating DAC? Thanks
  5. I look forward to learning on this site!

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