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  1. You should try an EtherRegen first.
  2. I am very disappointed this is a scam. I was really hoping to win your Wilsons.
  3. Luca - I do not know what your problem is, but calm down. Jussi is one of the most hard working, nice, helpful, knowledgeable, generous people in the industry. That he stayed polited and answered all you question and disrespectful comments is a testament of how classy he is. Go walk your dog. Give us a break. Really. Jussi - why don’t you just ignore these kind of posts. btw. I wanted to suggest you should start charging for upgrades. You deserve it.
  4. Have been a huge fan of Qobuz since the beginning. A huge part of my every day routine. A huge thanks the team. Merci Qobuz!!!
  5. The Problem with Roon. Keep in mind I am myself a software developer of web-based applications and native mobile apps. I have 4 UX/UI staffer onstage. Our software also tries to get user to organize content and "get things done". Problem is... Listening to music is a VERY personal thing. All members of AS love to tinker with everything, and be in control of things, etc. Just look at the number of elements we use to weak our system to _our linking_. The Roon team makes decisions for us - and we are stuck with them. They force change upon us (like ve
  6. @charlesphoto 1) Your post made me stop dead in my tracks (pun intended) 2) First, I am a huge Anouar Brahem fan. 3) Second: seems you like Vibvaldi as much as I do... I have all album in that collectio 4) Now, the most important: can you share the recipe for your colour scheme? It is very beautiful. Tx.
  7. How do you get dark mode back? No way to revert to horizontal scrolling?
  8. Weird. "Before" music would take 1 seconde to start playing in Roon+HQP setup. Since either upgrading to 4.9X or upgrading to Big Sur, not sure, it now takes a good 4 seconds. Any idea?
  9. I never thought I would ever say this. I prefer horizontal scrolling. Because it is "page per page" instead of "infinite steps". Where is the setting...
  10. Why would the volume button be red in HQP? I understand Beethoven is hot, but... that hot?
  11. Roon 1.8 will be released soon. Jussi: did you get to test HQP? Should we wait before upgrading?
  12. By far, the biggest upgrade you can get with the least amount of fuss is to buy an EtherREGEN along with it in the air power supply. You wont to regret it. And then, add the cheap Chinese clock everybody’s talking about.
  13. Wife said I cannot buy moore computer.
  14. I second ASRMichael All the fluff is nice, but I do not need help to know what to listen to. Not that I would stop using HQP, but there is a "Roon Tax" when I listen to Roon alone. Still, it's great to see the return on the license fees we pay.
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