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  1. Don't forget to ground it. BTW, I received my clock. Was ticking so loud my wife called 911.
  2. Well, all of sudden everything is back to normal on my two servers. Have no idea what happened. Albums simply reappeared one bu one. Strange....
  3. !!!! Very surprised nobody has raised that issue yet. I have a small Roon setup at the office. My albums from Qobuz disappeared this AM. Just got home: SAME ISSUE. Missing 3,000 albums. Please help.
  4. House is full of uptone magic. My understanding was that unit performed better with 12.5v. Did I misunderstood?
  5. Was willing to try that, but mine came with a European plug.... So no luck.
  6. Hi, Just received my unit. Still trying to figure out how to power it. Based on what I read here, it seems we should feed it with 12.5V - Is this still the case? Is there a ready made LPS you can recommend that would fit the bill? Keces does 12V, not 12.5V.... Many thanks
  7. Hi, Still enjoying my Linq. Would you have the specs for the fuse? Does Christian (the designer) approve? I was wondering - My server is a MacMini with Uptone full monty. Any benefit to upgrade the server? I would not go Taiko extreme or such, but I would consider for example a Euphony or SonicTransport i9. I know there is nothing like trying. Anyone has an opinion? P.S. Will stat testing the new HQP module tonight.
  8. Thanks Martin. Anyone knows where to source a 12.5V power supply?
  9. I updated my profile and when I post something, the old profile still shows.... What am I doing wrong?
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