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  1. Thanks for the responses. Ill look into those. Do you think the sonos is worth a try though? Its a "Class-D digital amplifier. 125W/Ch at 8 ohms" Im just starting with all of this so I doubt I would notice much of a difference between amps. At the moment I just want it to work and be noob friendly. I like that I can connect my tv directly to the sonos amp, it has wifi and the app. Ill mostly be using streaming services to play music.
  2. I wana start off by saying that I have no experience in any of this. I just got a pair of Martin Logan Electro Motion ESL-X speakers. They are 6 OHM and power range is 20-400 amps. What's a decent Integrated AMP to pair with them. I was hoping to stay around the 1k range. I wont be playing the music too loud as I live in an apartment. I was looking at the Sonos amp (650.00) as it is small and can also connect directly to my tv and has a nice app. What are your suggestions. Thank you!
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