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  1. Trit Truthfully don't know if I ever have noticed a difference or looked for one
  2. Shit yeah, with how much stuff costs in this hobby. That's an easy buy
  3. I use a cheap furman conditioner. I was just wondering why some people prefer dacs and amps out of the wall
  4. Dac, amp or both? I understand an amp may need more on demand current. Curious how a DAC is pulling so much. Not impossible just curious maybe
  5. USB is silent to 170 dB. No jitter or noise.. So you must be listening louder than a jet engine to hear noise at all and need that isolation from Ethernet
  6. Burn in. The dac is siblant in symbals etc at first
  7. Burn in on these is real. They start out bright with almost no bass at all. You will see.
  8. Burn in on my spring was signicant. And the only gear I've noticed it happen on.
  9. Any one here use dolby atmos for headphones?
  10. well my cpu load dropped to mid 60s in usage. but i still get drop outs at 256x so i guess ill drop to 128
  11. I have the same, but I haven't used it since I got the spring 3 kte
  12. That might explain why some stuff doesn't play when adaptive is on.. You need both setting working together.. I appreciate the knowledge. So I'll check that off, and check adaptive and grey out multi
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