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  1. Thank you very much for such a thorough answer. I should have understood everything. Another question ... that you know, given the youth of the product, are there different PCB revisions on the market? There is a risk of finding a relatively obsolete or problematic model? (I read in the other topics of cases of collapse of the USB connector, or loss of output)
  2. Please Allo, could you kindly write the clarifications regarding the firmware publicly? I can't understand the difference between the various versions, also if I buy it from Audiophonics or Max2play I don't have the possibility to choose so what do I get in these case? I also don't understand if the firmware update procedure that is indicated on your website is necessary, and if so, for what. Can I switch from Theysicon to Xmos by updating the firmware and vice versa? Another thing I don't understand is if it supports ASIO drivers. Finally, I take this opportunity to ask for fur
  3. Dear Allo, I am interested in trying your Revolution DAC. Before buying it, however, I would like to understand a couple of things about the IC ES9038Q2M better. The first concerns the bypass of the oversampling filter. On the ESS specification it is written that in bypass mode the sampling frequency of the incoming signal must be multiplied x8 externally (up to a maximum of 1536mhz). How does this happen on the Revolution? Does it have to be done from the device it is connected to (e.g. a player like Jriver)? And if this step does not happen what happens? The second thing
  4. Dear iFi audio, I bought a second hand iDefender 3.0 to power my Topping D10S DAC externally with an Allo Nirvana SMPS. The iDefender works, but I have an operating problem with the DAC (I state that my pc when it is off does not deliver 5v on the USB). In practice, if I start the PC with everything connected (PC-> iDefender-> DAC) the audio is not reproduced correctly, it is distorted to the maximum (almost unrecognizable) and it is also very low volume (I have to raise the volume to almost 90% amplifier to hear the DAC emit a signal). At this point if I unplu
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