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  1. Yeah that looks really really good. But I made the call already and got a Topping DX7 Pro and beautiful music is playing as I type this :D It's a crazy hobby... There are about a million choices for every little thing to build your setup. It's a great time to be into this stuff.
  2. I heard this on public radio one late night long ago and fell in love with it:
  3. Found the motherload over at Shenzhen Audio: Topping DX7 Pro Topping DX7S 2* Topping D70 Dart Yulong Aquila II Singxer SDA-1
  4. Got another one that looks like it fits the bill and only $400: SMSL M500
  5. Thanks for the links and suggestions. I got really excited when I saw the Pro iDSD because it does everything and more but the price is over $2k so no go :( Nad is close but I think it's got some stuff I don't need and missing the outputs I hope for. Yeah, the balanced outs are the problem. Looks like I'm going to go with a headphone amp and a separate DAC most likely. Or the Jutenheim or Cambridge DAC Magic. Or or or
  6. Still finding possibilities after hours of searching. Many hours... Marantz has one that's a little over budget but looks real good: HD-DAC-1 2 outputs which is good but neither is balanced. Not a deal breaker.
  7. Granted I read many, probably too many, reviews about any device that came close to meeting my needs but I found about a dozen comments from people about QC issues. In most cases Schiit quickly replaced or refunded. Unless there's an abundance of complaints I'd be inclined to ignore it but there were a lot of complaints. In one fairly in-depth review (Zeos) a comment about heat caught my attention. I live in California where we're a little paranoid about fires these days. Another caveat- some of the complaints were on Reddit-- where people go to wallow in negativity 😄
  8. I've made things complicated by wanting too much 😄 A good hp amp that also has a DAC with balanced and unbalanced outs. Schiit Jutenheim and Cambridge Audio Dac Magic Plus both have what I need but I read pretty scary SQ reviews about the Cambridge and the Jutenheim apparently sounds good but so many QC issues with Schiit... and the Jutenheim tends to run hot enough that you should turn it off as soon as you're done using it. And powering back on takes 10-15 seconds? Is there anything else in the $600 or less price range? Should I just give up on the idea of getting everything I want i
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