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  1. I can strongly recommend this for those how are unable to make cables by them self are made by multi strande 16 and 14 awg https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/search/?q=Premium+Individually+Sleeved%3Arelevance%3AfirstLevelCategorySearch%3ACor_Products_Storage%3AfirstLevelCategorySearch%3ACor_Products_Accessories_Parts&text=Premium+Individually+Sleeved&pageSize=0#rotatingText
  2. has anybody test this one yet, and what is the impression
  3. its a huge difference between US power (120v) and European 220-240 power system, The US i a crappy system with a lot of interferens compare to the clean Eu system,
  4. I thought it was Nenon the selling this for Taiko,
  5. at the grocery store I get A nice answer from staff !!
  6. that's why nobody want to be here anymore, he do strange things without any explanation
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