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  1. Hey, @alwayslearning, you probably don't know this but I have a very similar user name here on AS:  Always.Learning. I think this could lead to some confusion. In fact, I think a friend of mine responded to one of your recent posts, probably assuming it was me and not you. I'm not sure how easy it is to change your user name or if that makes sense to you. I'm just afraid that with two such similar user names, there is bound to be some confusion in the community.



    1. alwayslearning


      I'm not worried about us having similar names. There are many users with similar names, and similar emails that haven't caused confusions. What are you concerned/worried about? I'm not clear.  

    2. Always.Learning


      I just think there is potential for confusion, but let's let it ride for now and we can deal with it later if there are any issues. 

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