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    I have been wondering about getting an ethernet cable that would be ideal to connect the B-side of my etherregen to my metrum Acoustics Ambre Roon endpoint.  Currently I have a 1 meter cable matters Cat8 RJ45 cable doing the job, but I have been wondering whether I cannot do better than that. I have read the posting about ethernet cables on whatsbestfoum, to which you referred me, and I am intrigued by the SOtM dCBL Cat7 cable. That is not only because I have heard good things about that cable, but also because I have already replaced the RJ45 cable inside the Metrum Ambre with an SOtM dCBL Cat6 (High grade, Lan Port) cable, and have enjoyed the results very much.


    I am sort of seeking some last piece of encouragement about the dCBL Cat7 cable, and the difference it might make before pulling the trigger given what a substantial investment it is going to be.  I want it to bring enhancements to the SQ of my system, and I was dead set on the dCBL cat7 because  the folks at Crux Audio (the USA SOtM store) also think it would be the best cable to complement the dCBL CAT6 (HG LP) inside the Ambre.  I guess the only thing that is giving me pause is what some of the posters on the Whatsbestforum say when comparing the dCBL Cat7 to the Shunyata Sigma, which I do not think I can afford at this time anyway.  For now, I am inclined to going with the SOtM dCBL Cat7, provided it will bring noticeable improvements as compared to the Cable Matters Cat8 cable I have connecting the B side of the Etherregen to my Metrum Ambre.


    If you have any related insights that might help me decide, one way or the other, they'll be really helpful.  Thanks. Patrick

    1. Always.Learning


      Sorry for the super long delay in responding to your message -- I just don't check for messages very often. You've probably made your decision on ethernet cables a long time ago, but if you are looking for encouragement to choose the SOtM dCBL Cat7, I would say that the two I have in my system have been well worth the $1000 investment. In directly comparing the Shunyata Sigma, the two were pretty darn close, but I ultimately preferred the tonality I got with the SOtM. And it is almost half the price. Hope this was helpful.

    2. sahmen


      Thanks for responding, although I did decide to order the dCBL Cat7, and I expect to receive it in less than a month from now.  It is nice to know that I did not make the wrong choice.


      Thanks again.



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