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  1. Has anyone tried running VitOS? It was said for Pi4, I wonder if it would run on my Allo USBridge Signature which is based on Pi3B?
  2. Just replaced RopieeeXL with Moode in the USBridge and it works fine. The problem is with the ROpieeeXL recent update.
  3. It had been working fine till I updated the RopieeeXL last night, now Roon cannot connect to Denafrips DAC via Allo USBridge Sig. Other DACs are fine. The problem is between USBridge Sig and Denafrips since I can still see USBridge in my Roon settings/Audio. Any idea what's going on? Thanks! Sean
  4. Hi, I have similar question. I am currently using USBRidge Sig running RopieeeXL as Roon endpoint to feed a DAC via USB. I tried to connect the USBridge Sig to a Pi 7" touch screen, via HDMI, it doesn't work. Am I missing something? Thanks!
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