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  1. It is working now. I think I tried to turn the volume control on and off a few times and the mute went off somehow. This never happen to me in the last 3 years I own the U1. Anyway thanks for your prompt assistance. Keep safe and healthy.
  2. Sorry Peter the front panel does show mute. How do I turn it off?
  3. Hi again Peter I tried as you instructed but still no sound. Actually I tried twice and restarted a few minutes after I turned off U1 the second time. RL
  4. Hello Peter Since my update after lunch, I experience no sound from my U1. My dAC can detect the output but no output from my preamp. RL
  5. Hi guys Please bear with me. Last month when I went to a dealer to buy an usb cable to rip cd, he suggested me to try the SOtM USBUltra in between the Pioneer X12 cd writer and my pc for better result. This pandemic makes people do strange things including me. I bought the Ultra and the SOtM power supply. Out of curiosity I also tried the SOtM USBUltra between the streamer and DAC. The background is darker and individual instruments are more easy to follow. Later that week I read somewhere saying the SOtM is not a LPS and giving the USBUltra one will further improve th
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