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  1. I asked Ghenaudio this week about the direction of the cables if we buy a DC 2.5 to 2.1 cable. On the site, it is not specified of direction although on the cable there is a direction of the writing. For me it is the direction of the cable. Ghenaudio told me that there was no sense ... except for the audioquest nrg 1.5 where it is clearly indicated. I received a 2.5 to 2.5 cable so no worries, I followed the direction of the writing.
  2. very informative. However, as you are positioned precisely naming the Mini circuit filter for clocks. the basic consumer that I am wants to know which DC cable you specifically recommend. (the model, a link, I don't know what), The DC Power Supply Cables from Ghenaudio are stamped JSSG360 are just recommendable (Gotham for example) or there are other choices to be made (Audio Sensibility?) it will be nice because it will facilitate our research and possible financial losses to find the ideal product. Thanks John
  3. I have two copper cables at Audiosensibility connecting my JS2 UPtone with my clock and my Sotm switch. The Bleden cables supplied with the JS2 are too long .... yet very qualitative. Is the Silver version brightness which I don't want? it is to possibly connect my Sotm streamer
  4. First, I am actually looking to have the exact length and the correct connector (2.5 or 2.1). I just hope the build quality is serious. For the SQ, if the cable does not affect it and it is rather neutral. it's OK for me . Which cable are you using? thank you :) Laurent
  5. https://www.ghentaudio.com/part/dc-gac4.html https://www.ghentaudio.com/part/dc-7n16c.html
  6. I read that @Superdaddo not advise to put an ethernet filter between the output B of the etherregen and the audio streamer. After several tries and tests, I had the opposite effect. My sound is definitely better on my test playlist with my SOtM ISO CAT 6 filter. configuration. I don't explain why ! ER B> Belden 1303E CAT6A Ethernet cable (JSSG360)> SOtm Iso CAT 6 filter> SOtM dCBL-CAT6 HG cable 20 cm> Streamer SOtM 200 ultra Neo.
  7. @R1200CL I followed your previous advice. Two days ago I received a Belden 1303E CAT6A Ethernet cable (JSSG360) to put it between my etherregen output B and my streamer I also received to connect between my roon nucleus and my Keces P8 a Gotham GAC-4/1 11301 UltraPro Star Quad DC (JSSG360) cable. I hesitated with the Neotech UPOCC 7N Copper 16AWG DC (JSSG360). Your valuable opinion on the last two cables?
  8. My Keces power my Roon Nucleus Plus (19 V) and my Sotm streamer (9V) and my Farad (9V) feeds the etherregen. I have only tried to swap to make an objective comparison. However, I would like to try FARAD on my streamer but I don't want to break my current listening quality. All my elements are in place. I now want to enjoy the choices I have chosen. My next upgrade will be to replace my Chord Qutest dac with a Chord Hugo TT2 to listen to music with headphones
  9. I have an orange fuse on my farad which feeds my etherregen as soon as the farad is purchased. I don't know if the farad without the sr Orange fuse sounds different, but I find without any poetry that the music is more spacious, open. it's a good combo. I have for a short week a KECES P8 on which I can change the fuse. However I do not know which one to put.
  10. I quote afterdark ! Hi! GMG, Thanks for your question. The OCXO is design to work with powers on all the time, the Giesemann clock will reach its performance around 3 hours, up to 7days and 35days to reach its max performance. The waiting is all rewarding and worth it. The sounding will be more laid back and silky smooth after runs in. For moving the clock or unplug the BNC clock cable from the devices , we recommended to switch the power off first. It is for safety reason for audiophile devices. So, it is suggested to connect every clock cables to
  11. This is the procedure indicated by @AfterDark. it is not advisable to disconnect the bnc cable from the clock if it is on .
  12. I have a DR 510 oyaide cable. I think this is a suitable cable for my square wave. I will stay with the belden cable provided by After Dark afterwards to make a comparison again, but I no longer want to burn in the clock again because as soon as you turn off, you start over. It is painful this story besides.
  13. I assumed your clock had been unplugged to install this filter. Have you started a new initial burn in period? the sine wave seems to be the solution with this filter. We should not recommend a square wave because the latter is only for a sine wave. However, the SQ increases in wave sine and this will no longer be the case with the square wave.
  14. Do not worry . I really appreciate your products (My JS2 and Etheregen) and I would surely buy your future USB product even if I already have a Sotm solution to reclock USB. The object was not to openly criticize the etherregen since I am satisfied with it. I have followed many tips and buying products to hone my quest for a better SQ. I just find it crazy to read the same people with ultra qualitative products continuing to write like poets on the contribution of a mini circuit filter for example following John's white paper. The differences can
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