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  1. I am an audiophile for more than 30 years now.

    Lately, I acquired a SpectralAudio DMC-20/DMS-20 and a DMA-90 as well as a pair of MartinLogan CLSIIz.

    I enjoy all kinds of music, from Alternative to Zydeco.


    1. DuckToller


      Hi kotedo,

      welcome to the forums.
      Nice analog front end you have aquired. Kind of far from modern, but quite an audiophile pedigree that is.. Congratulations!
      Which upstream source do you use for the signal ?
      Enjoy our company!

    2. kotedo


      I am using a Project Pre Box S2 Digital as my current DAC; also HDCD’s by means of my Emotiva ERC-1 and SACD’s via the Pioneer DV-47A. <— That one was $20 investment; used, no remote. “Just a DVD player for normal people”. For me, the audiophile, it has a great sounding SACD stage and it has a 4 times over sampling (hardware based) for regular CD’s which makes regular CD’s sound real good.

    3. DuckToller


      Hi, Kai!
      Is it a Mac mini right from the PBSE2D? Did you aquire your new system because you've moved to Tennessee and left your old system behind in Europe?
      Respect for the move, most people I spoke to in the last year would prefer to do it the other way. The move, not the system ... ;-)
      Actually, this quite an uncommon thing, imho, using the status update for discussion.
      Most postings and discussion are in the forums.
      Personal information about the members are usually placed best in the "Audio System" and "About Me" section of your profile. Seen, you did that as well !!
      Cheers, Tom

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