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  1. I am using 421 and whilst appreciative of its detail, I too find it very etched. I tried disabling ramroot and was very surprised by how much the sound was 'dumbed down' but easier to listen to. I will have to alternate to decide which I prefer, but it does feel wrong to compromise performance to gain listenability. I am also using Apacer ram and am Optane drive.
  2. Great timing. I have been waiting for the last firmware for my PSaudio Directwave and just before it lands I see Euphony has the latest version. The last few weeks have been an odd time for me; I did not like the harshness and lack of musicality of the 117 so went back to 108. However I had been playing around with cables and supports to calm 117 and was less impressed with 108 than I had been initially. So back to 117 and play around with irqs, core isolation settings and small adjustments in speaker position to get a sound I could listen to. I was a little trepidatious over install
  3. It is very interesting how tastes and system/server reactions to changes can vary. In my system, when I initially changed to 217 it was not a pleasant result as I have previously described. I did swap some cables about and other minor changes which tamed the top end. However the deep tactility of the bottom end is still lacking. I have persevered with this release, having gone back for a while to an earlier one, but now on balance it is ok. Although I am looking forward to the next release. I have tried changing the CPU speed; it would not change it in the program, so I dropped it
  4. If you have a Dropbox or Google Drive account, you can upload it to there and share the file. I would like that version, for sound quality reasons
  5. I saw in earlier posts that you had been running between 1 and 1.5. Was this in bios as well? Just altering in expert settings does not change the CPU reported frequency for me
  6. I have reverted to an earlier release. And relax.... wow, that's better. If my first exposure to Euphony had been the latest release I'm pretty certain I would not have carried on. The sound of the latest to me is like various very expensive servers I tried and could not get on with. Just no music.
  7. I'm hoping so; I don't want to pester him with a request for an earlier version but I am not enjoying this one.
  8. Agreed., madness lies this way. I thought I was over that, but it never goes. A new update has just landed on my NUC, I see. Too late tonight, but looking forward to that one
  9. How did you go back? Support ticket? I seem to have lost perspective on previous releases now, but still find the latest too sterile. I have to say I have not got on with Roon however I have applied it. It was best through Euphony, but still lagging a way behind Stylus in terms of musicality, detail and involvement. My latest trial ends tomorrow and I will not miss it.
  10. I wonder if it would be possible to make 108 available as an optional 'upgrade' and then those of us who do not have it as a fallback can use it without having to pester support individually? I am torn between the ramroot sparkle, detail, fatigue vs musical smeared sound. I'm not really sure what cpu isolation to play with to get to a less digital sound, or what cores to sacrifice to gst. Any pointers?
  11. Ok, I've disabled Ramroot and the sound has indeed shifted again. It's less etched and more musical, the bass is a little flabbier and less formed. However the bass with Ramroot was a little one note at times and everything above that lifted, giving a shrunken vertical soundstage but not horizontal. That all sounds very hifi critic evaluative and I don't intend to sound overly flowery but I really was surprised by the degradation. That said, I get the feeling that the musicality has come back and the continuous, cohesive sound at the expense of some detail
  12. It is the same story with my DAC, a PSaudio Directstream. It is very well supported by the developer and factory and free firmware appears every few months. It is generally an improvement, but there are usually dissenters who prefer earlier releases. Or those who reconfigure their system to play to the new strengths of the DAC. The developer is an engineer who is seeking ways of streamlining the processes or optimising the functionality. The change in sound is not necessarily desired, expected or understood, but it's there every time. I don't feel this change however is one I wish to pan
  13. I agree re bad recordings. However if the only way I can access the music (70/80s rock?) is poor recordings, then I would still like to enjoy. Sometimes poorer fidelity wins. In my teenage years with a Rotel amp, small Wharfdales and a mediocre record deck even Rainbow sounded good. Starstruck was virtually unlistenable last night
  14. That's my next experiment, thanks. I feel it was a big jump, with a lack of mid bass and emotion. Fingers crossed
  15. It did not sound digital on the last firmware, only this one. The NUC i7 is powered by a Farad3, a Matrix SPIDF2 powered by an MCRU unit. I'm not going any further down that route
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