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  1. Thanks John. patience is not one of my virtues......
  2. I’m still waiting for my ER to arrive. can John or Alex give an update on date of next shipment? I'm in NY eagerly awaiting a trial of this little switch on my Naim Audio system. david
  3. I use Blue Jeans cat 6a in my system works for me and they are cheap. you get a print out with measurements for every patchcord that you buy. Im still waiting for my ER to arrive. So curious if it improves SQ. david
  4. Just joined this forum have ordered an ether regen switch to replace my Ubiquiti switch 8 my profile shows my system i am new to streaming. Just sold my Naim cds2 and am now using an ndx2/xpsdr in an all Naim system I ordered the ER after reading the comments on this forum and the Naim forum. my streamer is great and I love streaming and discovering new music. sound-wise like the ndx2 but when I turn up the volume there can be some harshness. I’m hoping the ER switch will improve this but will wait and see. anyway, just wanted to say hello. My first post
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