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  1. @[email protected] Thanks for the information, now it's even harder haha I do like the idea of having more upgradeable equipment, however with my current budget, I think following JC's advice is best for me and I will get more buck for my money by chosing active speakers. Just getting a 1st experience, I can probably make a more sensible upgrade when I get more experience. So about what connection I want, I do think I want to avoid using Bluetooth. I dislike the idea of my wifi having to work 24/7 for me to be able to listen to my songs, but my internet is really solid so not r
  2. Heya! Huge techno lover here, I am listening music nearly 24/7 so I want to invest into my first setup! I love music and I'm somewhat young, so I think it's nice to start the journey :) My current setup is some general PC subwoofer + 2 minispeakers for around 80 euro. Having watched some other posts on this forum it's probably really hard for the budget I have so maybe I will have to settle for a headphone setup, I do listen like 6-8 hours a day though and the comfort of a headphone isn't made for that time span, so I want to avoid it pretty much at all costs. Some more details:
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