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  1. I enjoyed the essay, since I think I was able to follow it on the whole. Quite often I am left behind when reading such articles written by electronic experts. I am looking forward to reading the following parts.
  2. Yes, same for me and this problem has been identified on the Audirvana community site. Let's hope they reintroduce an option to stay logged in as before.
  3. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was charged US$60 in Hong Kong (also by something called PADDLE), and there is no sales tax in Hong Kong.
  4. As a previous Audirvana user, I thought I only had to pay US$50, but it actually cost me US$60 in Hong Kong. Some entity presumably ripped me off somewhere along the food chain.
  5. Just read your latest post and see all is now well with this issue.
  6. Mine also comes back to where I was, and I am running Big Sur 11.4
  7. I spoke directly with Apple Support and asked them which setting in Apple Music (for Mac) would automatically adjust the audio format in Audio MIDI? They did not know and have bumped the query up the line. I will follow up with them tomorrow to hear their response.
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