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  1. the short answer is, especially when listening to classical music, I prefer that warm sound (albeit not when it's too in your face, and the C1100 was less so than the other pre-amps I tried).. The other part is the logistics of running an SACD player (I have a decent collation of SACDs) and eventual plans to add a Phonograph and getting good headphones makes that a bit more convenient (possible).
  2. too many to list, but this is a recent favorite ... It's like Beethovens Teutonic relative or great, great, great, great grandson is performing it.
  3. Which I would want to avoid, and frankly listening to the system as it stands now with the C1100 not in the mix (it comes next week), and with the Rossini directly into the Amp, even at 2v it's not remotely loud... at 6v it comes to life..
  4. Apparently there is no way to do that, so I will just leave it maxed ...
  5. @Bill Brown... thanks very much for that wealth of wisdom and calculations... its surprising that .2v might be the solution and a blessing that dCS even offers this.. .6 might even be ideal depending on how it sounds after I play around with it. Even in their own owners manual they don't imply this is the normal voltage setting for using with a pre-amp, they mention something about Apple Airplay, but they imply that 2v is the normal with 6v for "some pre-amps". I guess I will start with .2 and work up from there.. counter intuitively, It seems the lower the voltage in, the bette
  6. @Bill Brown wow, Bill, thanks for that very well put explanation on what was said above.. So my choices are .2v and .6v also... wonder if the .6v is the wise choice based on what you told me since from what even dCS has to say, you want to run the volume (digital volume) at 0.0db or max... My dealer (McIntosh dealer) also seems to think the Pre-amp will allow me to trim the input voltage via some kind of setting... But to understand you completely... I essentially don't want any voltage above 900mv into my pre-amp, otherwise it has to attenuate that excess... so even at 2v, i
  7. Well.. that’s interesting... so should I in fact use the 0.6v and not the 2v?? Wow... had no idea. Got an email response form McIntosh just now where the guy said to use the 2v.
  8. Thanks but I’m not going directly into the MC462... I’m going into a C1100 preamp ... can’t find anything about the input other than its limited to 20v balanced. But if I read you correctly.. sounds like the 2v is a good choice.
  9. Ok, I've asked this question to the manufacturer of both pieces of equipment involved and gotten 4 different answers.. no lie. Anyway... I want to understand the why of something and maybe Ic an make up my own mind.. so the dCS Rossini has the ability to output (XLR Balanced) either .2v, .6v, 2.0v, or 6.0v... the later two being the recommended outputs unless using something like Apple Airplay etc.. I'm currently using the Rossini with just an Amp, as the pre-amp isn't due to arrive for a week or so... the pre-amp (as listed in my signature) is a McIntosh C1100, whi
  10. tempting idea... It seems nobody writes letters anymore, which would even highlight it even more. Tell you what, if upon receipt of the unit back at McIntosh they determine it is in fact damaged and I have to wait 30+ days for a new one, that is exactly what I will do.
  11. That is my next goal... just don't know how to go about it... in general I find the shippers to be absolutely not responsive to the package recipient .. just the shipper (McIntosh)..and from what I am told, this incident (being the 2nd one in a row for me) made it's way up to the VP of transportation and logistics.. so I am hoping they do some kind of investigation into this mess... my dealer says it's happened in the recent past to another customer ..
  12. 110lbs and about 150lbs boxed... and sits on a pallet apparently.
  13. I spoke to the shipping manager today and he thinks there might be someone at the Fedex San Jose depot thats got it out for guys ordering these... It could turn into a scandal... stay tuned. Meanwhile I'm enjoying the MC402 loaner amp... sounds great.
  14. spoke to their guy in customer relations . they're going to carefully bench test the returned 462 and then send it back to me if it's in perfect working order, and as a plan B, we now have a new order in for a new 462.. which is a month wait. Eitherway, I have to wait at least 2 weeks for an Amp... and will be borrowing a MC402 from my dealer for now. The C1100 arrives by the end of the month (praying with no holes in the box!!!)
  15. God I wish I was... its as like a reoccurring nightmare ... part of me is downright angry at Fedex for allowing this to happen twice... part of me at McIntosh for not using plastic / ballistic cases for their amps when they ship... part of me is just mad at the universe right now and venting to you guys because you're the only ones who can appreciate my "first world" problem.
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