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  1. Anyone perhaps has a Solarflare X2522 working under Windows 10 LTSC? After installing the card, the computer starts up fine, but after installing the windows drivers (Win Server 2019), I get a blue screen. When removing the card everything works fine.
  2. I use the Asus GT710 1Gb, very cheap and uses very little power.
  3. Looks great, I am however curious which USB chipset will be used. I understood that it will not be using the ASM 3142.
  4. @Nenon, Any news on the Taiko DIY? I just filled in the Pre order form for the DC DC ATX:) Do you have some more info about the unregulated PSU? Availability of parts?
  5. What about Audirvana? I'm using this at the moment and it sounds definitly better then Roon. It also has integration with Tidal and Qobuz. It can also handle VST plugins.
  6. @Nenon, Did you compare your current lineair PSU, I believe with Jean Jacobs components against the Taiko solution? And what are your findings comparing these? The Hypsos Ferrum is also a combined Lineair and switching and gets pretty good reviews. https://ferrum.audio/
  7. https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-the-crème-de-la-crème.27433/page-276
  8. 40 amps very nice. I am curious how much are the other voltages. I noticed with the DHDPlex converter the 5VSB wasn't enought to ower the single Xeon setup. It delivers 1,5 amps on the 5VSB, which is not enough. Also how large are the PSU components, will they fit in for example a HDPlex case? I can imagine that you need a big transformator to supply all the power. How much is the input voltage of the converter board and what input connector is being used? Any pictures available yet?
  9. It would be very interesting to know how the PSU's compare to each other. The Farad however is different then the other PSU's, it is way more flexible, it has multiple output and voltage options. It can power USB, Network and Clock cards externally. But it cannot deliver enough current for a dual CPU system. A solution could be to use a Super Farad 10 in combination with a Super Farad ATX. Only this will set you probably back another € 1000,-, so total will be around € 3.700,-. That is way more then the Taiko/Nenon solution.
  10. I was searching for a PSU and had some experience with Pink Faun and Farad, they are both located in the Netherlands and so am I. So I contacted them to see if they had somekind of solution, maybe a Pink Faun chassis with PSU. Then Mattijs from Farad told me he was working on a Farad ATX PSU and he had a pre production sample which he was willing to loan to me for a week for testing. These are the specifications which he provided to me. Farad SuperATX
  11. Hello Nenon, Thanks! It was a lot of handwork, but I quess a lot can also be done with an computer controlled milling machine. I will drop an email to Larry from HDPlex to see if he is interested. I will definitely wait with the power supply decision. A picture of the Farad ATX PSU next to 400W HDPlex PSU
  12. Hello, I'm following this thread with great interest, I'm fairly new on the forum, but hope to contribute more in the future. I'm also in the process of building a music server and almost have finished it, I allready started building, before I learned of the Taiko DIY project, otherwise I probably would have waited. Parts used: - HDPlex case - Asus Sage C621 single processor mainboard - Intel Xeon Silver 10 Core - 6 RDIMM memory modules with Samsung IC's - Custom copper cooling for Xeon - Intel P900 Optane 280Gb for OS - M2 dri
  13. [email protected]_gps, I'm new on the forum and at the moment building a new PC which is a bit of a mix between the Taiko and Pink Faun and looking for a very good PSU to feed this build. You mention also a matching PC case, Can this case house a full EATX board and how is the cooling solution? What are the dimensions of the case, the provided picture of the PSU internals is a bit to small to see the dimensions. My new build has 5 Low profile PCI cards, can this fit in the case Are there any special futures in the case, like damping or compartment
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