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  1. Hi Allo Support, I purchased a Revolution DAC plus USBridge Signature combination (with Volumio) at the end of October 2020. Very light usage since then, about 10 to 15 hours a week on average. They are inter-connected using the special flex USB cable. The USBridge is powered by a Nirvana, and Revolution by the 3A side of a Shanti. The only source I use is a USB memory stick. They have become unusable. After startup, music will play for about 2 minutes, then I hear a very loud burst of what sounds like white noise for 1 second or so, and then silence, no out
  2. Hi Allo Support, I have a Katana with Isolator and PI 3b+, with Volumio 2.8. I was initially using two standard switching power supplies but have recently bought a Shanti to replace them. A few days ago, an annoying noise has appeared. Every few seconds (it’s very regular, every 7 or 8 seconds or so), I hear a “grriiitch” sound. • I can hear it from my listening position during quiet music passages, or in between tracks or when playback is paused. • This noise is present on both channels, at a constant level, unaffected by the volume setting. • I switched b
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