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  1. Thank you. I am very happy with what it’s doing it for me . Decided to use it as stand alone SD card player
  2. After a usage of several months I conclude that it works well with SD card only. In DLNA mode the system hangs after every three to four tracks play. Each time you need to restart the machine to play it again. I have tried numerous times to seek help from the customer support but they never responded back. I am not sure that the issue is only with my unit or it’s universal I have reconciled to use it as standalone SD card player with app as tool to navigate on WiFi and I am enjoying . It sounds amazing .. on par with my other expensive transport Lumin U1
  3. Navigating using remote is easy but I find it difficult to read the folder titles from a distance hence I navigate using the App. To use the app you need WiFi connectivity. will try to post the video coming weekend. Quality of sound through SD card & I2S out pot is outstanding. happy listening.
  4. Yes It has in ios app but in chinese language description. 红芯转盘 Copy paste in App Store
  5. Hi I have paired HXmelody to Denafrips Terminator with Tubulus I2S cable and the result is mind boggling sound reproduction. Of course Tubulus I2S cable is 50% cost of HXmelody SD card player but no regrets...This sound through I2S is Superb. cheers... Happy listening
  6. For Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.conversdigitalhd&hl=en_IN&gl=US For IPad Buy mconnect player HD from App Store For IPhone & IPad free mconnect player lite from App Store https://www.qobuz.com/be-nl/info/hi-fi/bancs-d-essai/the-mconnect-control-hd179558 👆 visit the link to know more. Happy listening
  7. Here is the Mannual. Happy listening hxmelody500 manual 1.2 EN.pdf
  8. Yes I prefer max 64 GB ... treat it as alternative to a CD player as it’s Redbook format performance is on par with best CD players I have used. what I did is to keep exclusive SD cards for Redbook , DSD formats. I have experienced distorted music playing when Redbook played after DSD. I restart HX500 when I change formats. HXMelody support is non responsive to this issue however I am not expecting any solution as it is a non issue to me. I am bowled over by its sound for the money spent
  9. SD card slot on right side . I have used 16GB,64GB & 128 GB. it sounds best using SD card through I2S out put. I am using it as standalone SD card player
  10. Indeed, It’s really a Eureka product. Now, it’s close to hundred hours and sounding excellent . I found SD card & 12S out put is the best and intend to use it as a stand alone SD card player only. it also sounds good with NAS Ethernet input . Users who are interested to use TIDAL can do it through MconnectLite or HD app . I did it successfully through my IPad but over longer duration it’s hanging and compel us to restart the unit again ( only drawback when used with third party app ) its performance is brilliant on SD card I2S combi
  11. HXmelody HX500 using it as standalone SD card player with I2S output to Denafrips Terminator. Sounding smooth.. real value product
  12. Hi could you help in choosing the best options flat/ribbon and connector at either end Male/female to the HDMI cable in the mentioned site. sorry I s as m new to this I2S & HDMI ball game. thanks
  13. very well documented and triggered the interest to buy one Which android player needed with HX500 connected via Ethernet to a NAS with minimserver? I just ordered one and I wish to confine to the minimalistic SD card way but I have large music on my NAS.
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