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  1. Yeah I did install W10 pro. Yeah I have to search further to see if it is software or hardware. But I thought I would give you people an update.
  2. Yes. It is upstairs. I have normal connection with my smartphone. I also have normal connection with the laptop. But maybe after 10 minutes or so the laptop freezes. And I must do a hard reboot. If I disable the connection then there is no problem and it never freezes. I am talking about the laptop. I always got interruption when playing with Jriver (have not tested with another player) about 4 times or so in an hour (have not counted it precisely), I have a feeling it is more in the beginning when the pc has started (I think).
  3. Hi all, I just want to update you on the situation now. I have been trying music by connecting the laptop to the dac by usb cable and using the trial version of Jriver. And I hear no difference with the cd player. Which is encouraging. The only problem I am having is that my laptop gets stuck after a time when I enable internet. The other problem is that sometimes the music hesitates when playing with jriver. I have no clue why this happens. It happens maybe 3-4 times in an hour. some sort of interruption or so. I am almost going to test audirvana. To see how good
  4. Thanks for the information. I will try it. I will report back when I have tried it. Thanks for the help everyone.
  5. Today I upgraded my laptop with 8 GB RAM instead of 4 and installed an ssd instead of a 5400 rpm drive. The difference is staggering. I also installed a new Windows 10 on it. Now in the weekend I will install Jriver on it to see how it goes. I must use Jriver with Ipeng for android, am I right? I would connect the laptop to the dac with an usb cable just to test for now.
  6. Ok, I will keep you up to date. And thanks for the heads up.
  7. -I will first order the maximum ram and a ssd for the laptop from amazon.de and see it that helps enough. -Just to give you an example for importing from the US. The optical rendu costs here 1399€ if I import it from the USA from smallgreen it would cost me 1578€ and this is without sending cost. -Yes I know that Amazon and ebay sells new products but you don't really benefit pricewise. - I have a nad c542 cd player and I bypass the dac to my RME ADI DAC. -Yes the price around 400€ is for everything (for the pc). Let's see what the ssd and ram does.
  8. What is always difficult with importing from the US is finding under what product it is categorized. I shall contact them.
  9. I am well aware of all the secondhand websites. I just don't trust them, even more so with computer stuff. I have been looking at my laptop today (taken apart) and it looks like it is the hard drive that is the problem. I have taken it out and it doesn't make that noise anymore. But it is still deadslow, which is understandable. I can upgrade it with an ssd and 8 GB of ram (now 4GB), but I don't think it will make much difference. I have also looked to assemble a pc with an i5 processor and no matter what I think the price is a bit under 400€ as minimum. The thing about importin
  10. Thanks for helping. To be honest I hate Ebay and stuff (my nephew also got burned pretty hard with it), I have Aspergers and I like to have control of everything and have as less of contact as possible, I also don't really trust computers and such second hand . Buying from the US is certainly a no go because the import tax and sending cost is pretty hefty. And I don't want to go that route. Is Intel i3 not to weak? I found this refurbished (https://maxict.nl/catalyst-2960-8tc-l-managed-grijs-p3613049.html ). Yeah I installed a new bios on the laptop but it makes no differen
  11. Is this thread also to help to build a good sort of mini pc from scratch for the best quality for the lowest cost?
  12. I will first try to make a sort of NUC by myself to put down the cost as much as possible. I tried to see if I could use my bad laptop to work correctly but no bueno (https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/256743/acer-aspire-7745g-434g1tmn/specificaties/ ). Therefore I need to build a new mini pc. Because if I want to use the optical Rendu the price will get up very quickly. 150€ central switch, sfp adapters, optical rendu 1400€, optical fiber 130€, sort of mini pc around 400-500€. That is already 2180€ and that is without any special power supply.
  13. Thanks for the post. So you have an intel NUC with i5 processor right? And I gues the Cisco 2960 L doesn't have an optical fiber connection? Therefore you have to use the optical module I guess. I would like to buy the Zyxel GS1900 10HP central switch which can receive optical fiber https://www.alternate.be/Zyxel/GS1900-10HP-8-port-GbE-Smart-Managed-Switch/html/product/1296254?lk=19335 I just don't know much about switches. Do you need to put a lan cable from the router to the central switch? And then plug the NUC in the central switch and then from the optical fiber connec
  14. Don't forget that I live in Belgium. This is the only site where I can order Sonore and it is based in the Netherlands (https://gear.nativedsd.com/product/sonore-opticalrendu/ ). That's also why the second hand is nothing for me. But I appreciate your involvement. If I go the optical route then I should also buy a central switch because my router doesn't have support for optical.
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