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  1. hi Peter On my Lumin X1, the streamer is playing but occasionally the sound goes in and out. I have turned my iPad on and off and it still happens. When I first got it a year ago, I didn't have this problem.
  2. Peter My Lumin X1 keeps skipping from track to track without playing. I rebooted my Lumin X1, iPad, LUMIN app, my home modem but nothing seems to work. This has been happening more frequently. What do you think is wrong?
  3. How much SQ improvement are people getting by replacing the stock umbilical cord?
  4. Evil Ted In what way is the AS cable better than stock? With the 12% discount, it may be cheaper than the DIY. Jay
  5. Has anyone tried either the Westminster or AudioSensibility DC cable on Lumin X1? I am considering an upgrade to the stock DC cable if there is a noticeable (not subtle) improvement.
  6. Hi Peter Is there any problem with placing Mutec 10 clock upstream of Lumin X1?
  7. Some streamer/DAC such as Lumin X1 already have a femto clock. Wouldn't Mutec between ER and Lumin cause any problems?
  8. Can we do a poll as to whether 2 ER is a SIGNIFICANT improvement over 1 ER? The second ER+LPS is going to be >$1000 and I don't want to spend this kind of money if it is just going to be a subtle improvement. Often subtle improvements are really the Placebo effect.
  9. I have Paul Hynes SRT4 LPS powering ER. I am using Lumin app and ER is connected directly to the wall ethernet. I don't have HF issues per se, just some sibilance only on certain female vocals like Diana Krall. I like the way my system sounds overall. With or without the ER, there is sibilance on some of Krall tracks.
  10. I have ER>Lumin X1>Don sachs 2 tube preamp>Pass Lab X350.5>Soundlab electrostatic speakers. ER is constantly on-for the past 1 year. Peter Wie at Lumin recommended against a clock between ER and Lumin, but I don't know why.
  11. Blake do you have a Sablon ethernet cable for sale? Jay
  12. I am interested in this set up. I hear sibilance with a lot of female vocals on streaming (but not on vinyl), so I am thinking that the sibilance that I am hearing is part of the digital harshness. I am using just one ER and hoping that a second ER will mitigate sibilance. What do you think?
  13. I don’t have a computer for my music room, so a Nucleus may be needed. I am using Lumin X1 as streamer. Would the Roon equalizer diminish the SQ at all?
  14. Attenuators will dampen at all frequencies. I just don’t like the sibilance, which occurs near 5 kHz. Other frequencies are fine for my ears.
  15. To decrease the sibilance around 5 kHZ, how about using the equalizer function in Roon Nucleus. Would adding Nucleus in the pathway decrease SQ?
  16. Thanks Pete. It seems that setting the Analog Output level to low just makes everything quieter and I have to turn the volume up. Does it suppress high frequency? It doesn't sound as clear on low. What does it do?
  17. I am using Lumin X1. I am hearing quite a bit of sibilance with some female vocals (e.g. Diana Krall) regardless of the preamp (Don Sachs tube pre) and amp (Pass X30.5) downstream. Would upsampling reduce the sibilance? Any recommendations? thanks, Jay
  18. That is great. I am really curious about whether a second ER makes a noticeable sq improvement.
  19. Is it a really noticeable difference? Are you using Rendu upstream or downstream of ER?
  20. Yes, I will reach out to Lumin. Did you find that the fiber sounds better than ethernet?
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