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  1. Hi Sunny, the result of the update depends greatly of your installation of course. However there were some complaints about version 217 which was to sharp and flat sounding. It also was for me, so I went back to 108. If your installation is on the lean side I can imagine you like 217. And it is also a matter of taste of course. I spoke for myself when I said it was the best version ever. For me the version is not to smooth or boring. On the contrary, for me it's very lively and real sounding.
  2. I just installed the new version and I only can say don't hessitate. It's the best version ever. I came from 108 because I did not like 217 and went back to 108. After Roon updated from 7 to 8 I liked the last version of Roon better than 108 because it was more palpable so mostly I listened to Roon core. But now Euphony is back on track and a lot better than Roon. Well done Zeljko!!
  3. Of course this is in my situation. I have a 300B amp and an Ayon Skylla 2 tubed dac. When I bought the Farads I liked them the first days. It seemed that during burn in their caracter changed and they became smoother and smoother and for me at the end they were too smooth and a little liveless compared with the HDPlex. For me it was the first time that a device was better before burn in than after burn in. I think this has to do with their super caps that change a lot during burn in. Probably the Farads are very good when your equipment is a little on the harsh side.
  4. I powered the Xeon server with my HDPlex 300W. I also had two Farads but sold them both because I liked the HDPlex better. The HDPlex had more resolution and dynamics.
  5. Hi al2813, maybe you are surprised but I worked the other way around. I went from a high powered motherboard to a low power motherboard and I can tell you that the low powered motherboard sounds a lot bettter. I first installed a Euphony trial on an old very low powered motherboard aka the Intel DN2800MT. After buying a license for Euphony I builded a new streamer and chose the Asus WS C246 Pro motherboard, a Xeon E-2224 processor, Apacer ECC memory and Intel optane 32 GB SSD. I also bought the JCat XE USB card, this all fed with the same PSU as yours, the HDPlex 300W. I came from
  6. The XE is totaly different and it's possible it needs more power. Marcin of JCat once said the USB Femto needs 0.5A current. So 1A should be ok.
  7. I hope you ment the usb card here. The network card needs more power. 2A is recommended.
  8. Hi Edwardsean, as far as I know you can go back one version. So you can go back to 216 but I think it is not possible to go back to 108. When you want to revert you always gets a warning that not all versions are compatible with each other. So it can be risky and when you doubt to do it you can bether ask Zeljko first.
  9. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe you can send a ticket to Zeljko and ask him.
  10. I use 8 GB ram but this is more than enough to use ramroot. Just try. When you look at the temperature of your processor you also can see how space it takes of your memory.
  11. I listened two days to version 20210217 but from the beginning I didn't like it. In my audio set (tubes) it became a little harsh and I found myself constantly seeking my remote control to lower down the volume which is a bad sign. So this afternoon I reverted back to version 20210108. I am glad that I have that opportunity because the music is back. I don't know why the sound changed in that direction. Maybe a simple change of the software can cause this. Zeljko can tell us. Of course this is my opinion. It is possible that others like the change in sound.
  12. In Roon setup enable squeezebox support. You don't need HQ player.
  13. Hi Holzohr, thanks for your answer. It's clear to me now.
  14. I tried the new knob "Go: Euphony: Roon Core & Stylus EP" but nothing happened. The little wheel keeps spinning. It's not totally clear to me what's the function of this knob. I presumed it's to change quickly between Roon and Stylus alone but I am not sure. Has someone tried it with succes?
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