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  1. Musical Fidelity X-150

    Output :Voltage RMS :29 Volts 20Hz to 20kHz, one channel loadedPeak :82 VoltsPower :105 Watts one channel into 8 Ohms (20dBW),141 Watts one channel into 4 OhmsPeak-to-peak output current :50 AmpsDamping factor :80Output devices per channel :4Pre-output impedance :50 OhmsLine inputs :Total harmonic distortion + noise :< 0.01% 20Hz to 20kHzSignal / noise ratio :> 98dB ‘A’-weightedInput sensitivity for 105Watts, 8 Ohms :250mVInput impedance :220k OhmsOverload margin :26dBChannel separation :> 70dB typicalFrequency response :20Hz to 20kHz, + 0, - 0.2dBPhono input :Frequency response referenceIEC RIAA - see graph . . .Signal / noise ratio :> 94dB ‘A’-weightedInput sensitivity :2.5mV Moving MagnetInput impedance :47k OhmsOverload margin :24dBInput facilities :3 pairs line level RCA connectors,1 pair phono RCA connectorsOutput facilities :2 amplifier channels via 1 pair per channel binding posts.1 pair RCA audio outputs controlled by the volume,1 pair RCA tape record fixed line level output.Power requirement :100 / 115 / 230Volts AC 50 / 60Hz (factory pre-set),320 Watts maximum into 8 Ohms, 32 Watts idleDimensions :218mm, 8.6 inches wide98mm, 3.8 inches high (including feet)377mm, 14.9 inches deep(including knob and rear terminals)Weight :6.5 kg, 14.3 lbs unit only, unboxed8 kg, 17.7 lbs in shipping cartonStandard accessories :IEC type mains lead (10-Amp), remote control,2 batteries size LR03 or AAA, manganese alkaline t
    Includes box, remote, MM phono

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      JM Sound
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      499.00 USD
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  2. Sansui CA2000

    Vintage preamp, late 70's

    Form Stereo control amplifier Output voltage (Output power) Preamplifier output: 1V
    Sound-recording output (Pin/Din): 150mV/30mV Maximum output voltage (1kHz) 12V (less than THD 0.1%) THD (Aux) 0.03% or less Cross modulation distortion (Aux, 70Hz:7kHz=4:1, SMPTE) 0.03% or less Frequency characteristic (Output power) 10Hz-80kHz+0.5 -1 dB RIAA deflection (20Hz - 20kHz) �}0.2dB Channel separation (an Output power, 1kHz) 60dB or more SN ratio (IHF, A network, a short circuit) More than Phono1:75dB
    Aux, Tape mon: 90dB or more Input sensitivity/impedance (an Output power, 1kHz) Phono1:2mV, 4mV, 8mV / 30kohm, 50kohm, 100kohm
    Aux, Tuner, Tape play:150mV /, 50kohm Phono maximum permissible input 1000mV (1kHz, THD 0.1%, Input sensitivity of 8mV) Tone control Bass: �}10dB (30Hz)
    Midrange: �}5dB (1.5kHz)
    Treble: �}10dB (20kHz) Tone selector Bass: 600Hz, 300Hz, 150Hz
    Treble: 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz A low filter - 3dB (20Hz), 12dB / oct
    - 3dB (60Hz), 12dB / oct A high filter - 3dB (7kHz), 6dB / oct
    - 3dB (12kHz), 12dB / oct Muting -20dB Power dissipation 20W Dimensions Width 460x height 176x depth of 345mm Weight 9.9kg

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      JM Sound
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      695.00 USD
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  3. Musical Fidelity M1SDAC

    Includes Audioquest Pearl and Forest digital cables/ factory packaging, remote


    • Jitter: <12 picoseconds peak to peak
    • THD(+ noise): <0.0012% 10Hz to 20 kHz
    • Frequency Response: +0, –3dB, 2Hz to 90 kHz (192 kHz input sample rate)


    • 1x XLR AES balanced digital input 32-192 kbps (16-24 bit stereo PCM)
    • 2x RCA coaxial connector SPDIF 32-192 kbps (16-24 bit stereo PCM)
    • 1x TOSLINK optical connector 32-96 kbps (16-24 bit stereo PCM)
    • 1x USB 2.0 type ‘B’ connector for computer - 16-24 bits, 32-192 kbps fully asynchronous (Determined by source file/computer settings)
    • 1x aptX Bluetooth input v2.1 + EDR spec
    • 2x RCA Phono analogue line-level inputs
    • 1x 12V trigger input, mono 3.5mm jack, +/- 4.5V to +/- 15V


    • 1x line level RCA (phono)
    • 1x RCA coax connector SPDIF, 32-196 kbps (16-24 bit  stereo PCM)
    • 1x Toslink optical connector 32-96 kbps (16-24 bit  stereo PCM)
    • 1x Headphones output 6.5mm stereo jack
    • 1x 12V trigger ouput, mono 3.5mm jack, 12v


    • Dimensions - WxHxD (mm): 220 x 100 x 310
    • Weight (unpacked / packed): 3.3 kg / 4.8 kg


  4. Tara Labs "THE ONE"

    used, 4 available/ 6ft, retail $1800 ea
    An ultimate power cable, combining RSC® conductors and air-tube™ technology. Unsurpassed sonic realism, rich in ambient detail. Picture sharpness, color saturation, and contrast ratio are maximized to their full potential. 12 gauge conductor runs; SA-OF8N® copper; 36 RSC® Gen 2 conductors helixed around a Teflon® air-tube™; each neutral run is shielded with Anti-Corrosion coated SA-OF8N® copper braid.

    • Wattgate standard IEC plug. Additional upgrade Oyaide Plug

    • 12 gauge conductor runs.

    • SA-OF8N® copper.

    • 36 RSC® Gen 2 conductors helixed around a Teflon® air-tube™.

    • Each neutral run is shielded with Anti-Corrosion coated SA-OF8N® copper braid.

    • Combines RSC® conductors and air-tube™ technology

    • Unsurpassed sonic realism

    • Seller
      JM Sound
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      900.00 USD
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  5. McCormack DNA HT-3/MAP1

    Both $1095/ Retail $4700
    Model: McCormack Audio Corporation MAP-1

    Price: $2395 USD
    Dimensions: 19"W x 3.5"H x 11.25"D
    Weight: 18 pounds


    Two sets of 5.1 analog source connections (RCA)
    Three pairs of stereo line-level inputs (RCA)
    One pair of tape outputs
    12V DC trigger output
    Full-function remote control
    Proprietary Ambiance Retrieval Mode (ARM) for use with stereo sources
    Gold-plated RCA inputs and outputs
    Brushed-aluminum faceplate
    Digital volume readout
    Optional plug-in phono stage


    Three-channel Amplifier with output power rating of 150 watts per channel RMS, both channels driven into 8 ohms at less than 1% THD, 250 into 4 ohms.

    Input Impedance: 100 kOhms

    Input Sensitivity: .87 volt rms

    Hum and Noise: better than 100 dB below rated power

    Dimensions: 19"w x 5"h x 15"d

    Shipping Weight: 36lbs

    • Seller
      JM Sound
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      1,095.00 USD
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  6. Magnus Audio MA380

    NEW FOR 2021/ DEMO UNIT. List $8995
    MA-380 Highlights

    Advance and sophisticated pure Class AB design with supreme sonic performance.

    6 pairs carefully selected and matched Bipolar Power Transistors of highest quality.

    Custom wound audio grade toroidal transformer with separate windings for left and right channel.

    Custom made heavy-duty heat sinks with special thick rib design ensure a lower operating temperature.

    Sophisticated protective circuit ensures highest operational safety for the amplifier and the connected loudspeakers.

    Integrated power curcuit with time-delay relay to eliminate turn-on thump.

    Advance layout and wiring techniques guarantee a hum free operation.

    Switchable balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) inputs.

    Full metal housing for optimum shielding.

    100% Handcrafted in California, USA.

    Each of the MA-380 power amplifier has a unique serial number for authenticity.


    Rated Output Power: 150 Watts RMS at 8 Ohms
    300 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms
    Frequency Response: +/- 0.1 dB from 10 Hz to 50 kHz
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 110 dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.016%
    Gain: 28.9 dB
    Input Impedance: 33k Ohms (single-ended)
    47k Ohms (balanced)
    Input Sensitivity: 1.25 V RMS
    Output Voltage: 31 V RMS
    Damping Factor: 220, reference 8 Ohms nominal
    Power Consumption: 580 watts continuous
    Inputs: 2 balanced via XLR connector (1 per channel)
    2 single-ended via RCA connector (1 per channel)
    Outputs: 2 pairs high quality binding posts (1 pair per channel)
    Operating Voltage: 100V, 120V, 220V, 230V or 240V at 50 or 60 Hz
    Dimensions: 19 in. W x 6 in. H x 17 in. D
    Weight: 60 lbs.
    Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labor

    • Seller
      JM Sound
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      4,895.00 USD
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  7. PBN Audio M2!5

    Piano black, 1 year old


    • Driver Complement: LF: 2 each 15” Woofers, MF/HF: 1 each Dual Diaphragm Compression Driver mounted on WaveGuide
    • Crossover: 5th Order Charge coupled with 3 x 9V (27V) @ 900 Hz
    • Crossover Capacitors: High Voltage (400VDC) Metalized Polypropylene
    • Sensitivity: 95dB / 2.83V /1M
    • Frequency Response: 25Hz to 20kHz +/- 2dB
    • Impedance Nominal: 4 Ohms (min. 3.5 Ohms, max. 9 Ohms)
    • Dimensions 53"H x 18"W x 23"D
    • Weight: 280 lbs
    • Finish: Custom order

    M2!5 Loudspeakers

    Retail: $30,000 a pair

    • Seller
      JM Sound
    • Date
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      18,900.00 USD
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  8. Mark Audio Alpair 12P

    LOCAL PREFERRED- perfect for single ended amps, custom built cabinets with swivel base
    JM Sound/ Redondo Beach

    From manufacturer's site:
    The Alpair 12P is the largest full-range driver produced by Markaudio. This driver is a development unit following on from the original metal coned Alpair 12 produced in 2009/2010. Several major design changes make this Alpair radically different from the original in terms of its operation and performance.

    Markaudio Alpair series drivers are completely custom designed and built. All components (apart from the magnet) are individually designed and engineered with their own tooling and mould making sets. Alpair drivers are made by highly skilled engineers; they are not “mass produced”.

    Key Features
    The change to a custom paper cone with a more shallow profile reduces mass and increases dispersion performance. The new cone is only 21-mm deep compared to the metal unit at 26- mm. The 12P employs a new custom CCAW coil with an aluminum/paper wrap, vented, low mass thin-walled body. The spider is particularly special. Designed by Matsubara San, it employs a new long throw profile set together with a ribbed body to maintain linearity. The front suspension remains the same as the previous model; designed by Lu Yi Ping, its ultra thin wall doesn't support the cone. In terms of mechanical load performance, the 12P remains a single semi-free to air driver, possibly a unique design in its class (see description and picture below).

    The 12P remains pure to designer Mark Fenlon's current criterion which is to make purist, single cone drivers that are full-range capable without the use of phase plugs, co-axial centre tweeters or whizzers. The 12P is 92dB efficient (1w/m2), operating to 22-kHz (-3dB) and having a resonance frequency of 42Hz (+/- 2Hz). The 12Pʼs power-train (cone, cap, coil and suspensions) is mechanically efficient and linear, requiring only modest powered amps to make it perform well. This driver is aimed strictly at the “audiophile” end of the market. Its cone is highly-resonance sensitive so clean low-distortion amplification and source components are advised.

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      JM Sound
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      895.00 USD
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  9. Definitive Technology BP8060

    LOCAL ONLY/ so cal
    Forward Focused Bipolar Array™ technology for lifelike imaging and pinpoint localization Balanced Dual Surround System (BDSS) driver technology places rubber surrounds on both the outer and inner edges of each speaker cone for improved clarity frequency response 20-30,000 Hz (±3 dB) sensitivity 92 dB 8-ohm impedance handles up to 300 watts front array: dual 4-1/2" mids and 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter rear array: 4-1/2" mid and 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter 10" woofer with dual 10" passive radiators built-in 300-watt subwoofer amp one set of 5-way binding posts high-gloss black finish on top and bottom caps with cloth grille-wrapped enclosure 11-1/8"W x 44-1/4"H x 14-1/16"D List $2000

    • Seller
      JM Sound
    • Date
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      575.00 USD
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  10. Canary Audio C1300

    Retail $7900- reduced!! save  55%
     Model incorporates the sonic virtues of the 2 chassis C1600 into a single chassis unit.

    The C1300 is the single chassis version of our highly regarded two chassis preamplifier. It employs an advanced circuitry and high quality components to provide outstanding musical reproduction of your favorite music.

    Like our other products, the C1300 is engineered and built to provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment. The circuitry components used in the C1300 are carefully chosen and hand soldered on the military grade epoxy circuit boards.
    C1300 Preamplifier Features:

    The power supply circuit uses GZ34, 6V6 and 6SL7 as rectifier.

    The preamp circuit features the use of two 12AX7 and two 12AU7 tubes for a low noise operation.

    Rectifier with choke filtering.

    Custom EI power transformer.

    Swiss made ELMA selector switches with gold-plated contacts.

    Four pairs of single-ended inputs and two pairs of outputs are installed for ease of connectivity.

    Input Impedance: 45,000 Ohms min,110,000 Ohms max
    Output Impedance: 1,400 Ohms
    Maximum Gain: 9 dB
    Frequency Response: +/- 1 dB from 5 Hz to 110,000 Hz
    Hum and Noise: -80 dB
    Maximum Output Voltage before Clipping: 30 Volts
    Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0.04%
    Power Consumption: 35 Watts (true RMS)
    Tube Complement: 2 x 12AU7
    2 x 12AX7
    1 x 5AR4
    1 x 6SL7
    1 x 6V6
    Dimensions: 18.75" W x 14.25" D x 5.50"H
    Net Weight: 35 lbs

    • Seller
      JM Sound
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      3,395.00 USD
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  11. KEF Reference 104.2

    LOCAL ONLY/ so cal
    Work fine, original version with rubber surround woofers, grills are rough
    MPN 1984-96
    Model Model 104/2
    eBay Product ID (ePID) 114774308
    Product Key Features
    Connectivity Wired
    Additional Product Features
    Speaker Type Loudspeaker
    Peak Power Handling 200w
    Sensitivity 92dB
    Impedance 4ohm
    Frequency Responses 55Hz-20kHz
    Construction 3-Way

    • Seller
      JM Sound
    • Date
    • Price
      585.00 USD
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  12. PBN Audio Lucille


    High-definition, full-range front speaker to satisfy music aficionados as well as devotees of home theater. Its superbly balanced sound reproduction heralds PBN’s entry into the high-end, floor-standing speaker market. Measures 12”W x 13”D x 41”H.

    Driver Complement

    • HF = 1” Ring Radiator
    • LF/MF = 7.5” Reed Cone MidWoofer
    • Sensitivity = 91dB/2.83V/1M
    • Crossover point = 2kHz /24dB /Oct
    • Impedance Nominal 4 ohms
    • (min 2.5 Ohm / max 7.5 Ohm)

    • Seller
      JM Sound
    • Date
    • Price
      2,150.00 USD
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  13. Lexicon MC 12B

    Like new in box with manual, remote, microphones, retail $14,000


    Dolby® Digital

    Dolby® Pro Logic II

    Dolby® Pro Logic

    THX Surround EX™

    DTS® ES Discrete

    DTS® Neo:6

    3 Independent Zones (Main, Zone2, Record)

    THX® Ultra Certified

    Broadcast Quality video switching

    4 Analog Devices SHARC® 32-bit DSP engines

    24-bit/96kHz internal processing

    24-bit/192kHz D/A converters

    Cirrus Logic's Crystal® CS49326 DSP decoder

    Analog pass-through

    RS-232 upgradeable software

    3 internal slots and rear panel options plate

    3 trigger outputs (2 programmable triggers)

    rack-mount option

    Dimensions: 17.3"W x 5.2"H (6.65" balanced version) x 14.85"D

    Weight: approx. 36 lbs. (approx. 42 lbs. balanced version) lbs.

    • Seller
      JM Sound
    • Date
    • Price
      1,595.00 USD
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  14. Margules Audio SF220

    From Manufacturer's website:
    The MARGULES SF220 BLACK series combines the superior sound of vacuum tubes with innovative circuitry that pushes design boundaries with a fresh new aesthetic. The results are clearly apparent in its sound as a quick detailed dynamics, ultra-smooth transient response with an unprecedented reliability and beautiful contemporary design.The SF220's has very low output impedance, designed to drive optimally any amplifier regardless if is solid state or tubes.The Preamp’s wide and stable frequency response is maintained even with long cable runs, without softening or loss of detail which would normally be expected. The SF220 circuitry is designed to “strap” the input and output stage avoiding the use of negative feedback. The result is, load stability with precision, speed and dramatic transient response that gives a natural sound with reach detailed harmonics.Shunt Power supply and filament active damping.The SF220 BLACK EDITION includes a special SHUNT power supply. Shunt technology provides a dramatic improvement in Q damping, a key factor in overall performance, including smoother transient response and astonishing staging. Further improvements take place in quickness, macro and micro_dynamics, which make a life-like listening experi-ence.Our new Power Supply is virtually indestructible due to specially designed regulation technology that protects it from major tube failures. The filament supply is fully regulated and has an active damping control to minimize hum and microphonic effects of the tubes.The power supply is in a separate chamber within the chassis of the preamplifier to avoid noise induction.Remote controlBesides its IR remote control, the unit has RS232 connection to be controlled by any automation system or our web server.All the functions of the SF220 BLACK EDITION are discreet, including the ON and OFF function.The SF220's advanced design is complemented by the use of premium components. The PC board is silver-plated for maximum conductivity, Precision resistors, and premium audio grade capacitors.The SF220 BLACK is clean and effortless-sounding that it brings out the best in any power amplifier.New Aesthetics.The SF 220 BLACK has a new gloss black finishes, tubes blue led lighting, and engraved front panel and front push buttons control, featuring new Tzalam hardwood panel boardsFrequency response:5-400 khzTotal harmonic distortion:<0.014% maxMaximum output level:30 vSignal to noise ratio:4 OhmGain:6 dBRaise time:6 micro segundosFall time:6 micro segundosPower consumption (max):55 wWeight:14kgDimentions (height, width, depth):16 cm x 45cm x 36cm
    Only a few hours use, used in 2019 CES show

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      JM Sound
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      2,595.00 USD
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