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  1. Agree! I was able to find a used Schiit EITR on CanuckAudioMart earlier this year for less than $150. It is working great to connect my MacBook Pro to my DAC which has no USB, through Coax. Another inexpensive option would be a Topping D10S DAC, which can be used as a USB to SPDIF converter. https://youtu.be/zgRLCAbrr2c
  2. Check out the discussion here re: using your iPhone or iPad for streaming. Can be done with good results. Does your DAC have USB input ? Alternatively may need a USB>SPDIF converter.:
  3. If true, you get the bonus balanced headphone amp. Maybe a consideration for the dCS Rossini. 🤔
  4. Yup, haven't read anything NEGATIVE as a DAC!!! Tough choices out there. As a headphone amp, it would have been nice to have the outputs in the front and a dial for volume IMO
  5. I've done a lot of reading about the current DACs out there. I think there was a lot more discussion about the Bartok as a headphone amp and comparisons with TOTL dedicated headphone amps (esp in the headphone sites). I don't remember reading much about the Tambaqui as a headphone amp and reviewers comparing it against a separate headphone amp. There was a particular YouTube video where one reviewer said he preferred the headphone amp in Bartok vs. Tambaqui.
  6. I used to think I had a high-end system... Now the target has moved well beyond. Funny to see the newer version of my original Kharma Ceramique 3.2 in your pictures. Back in 2005 I went with those instead of the Wilsons....
  7. I see a number on eBay and here is one on canuckaudiomart https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649659203-chromecast-audio/ Alternatively, have you considered a USB>SPDIF converter (dongle or box). I am using a used Schiit EITR (USB>SPDIF (coax-RCA) converter; ~115 USD) to stream USB-c from my MacBook Pro into my DAC with coax (no USB input available).
  8. Exactly! I was hoping I could control the my Mac desktop app with my phone. I guess not.
  9. One issue with chromecast audio is doesn’t support gapless playback
  10. You didn’t say budget. But if it is on the lower side, the bluesound mode 2i may be better quality than a chromecast puck using the CCA toslink. You could link the node to your dac via coax link. It has its own app BluOs to control it. Plus it’s on sale until end of month at 449USD. Free shipping and 30 day trial. MANY have suggested its streamer function is not significantly inferior than some streamers costing significantly more in the thousands.
  11. Wonder has anyone seriously listened to Tambaqui vs emmlabs DA2 or DV2 vs Bartok ?
  12. IEM= in-ear monitors I've hooked the phone up to my stereo two ways. One with Roon, using the iPhone as a Roon endpoint, connecting the lightning to USB-3 camera adapter to the Schiit EITR > coax > DCC2 DAC. Second, I used the iPhone without Roon, using the iOS Tidal app to send the audio output through the lightning to USB-3 camera adapter to the Schiit Eitr > coax >DCC2 (DAC). Either way, I didn't noticeably hear EMI noise (?LTE) from my iPhone in my speakers. Yet, when I use to iPhone and Tidal app to play music through lightning to USB-3 camera adapter to the Ea
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