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  1. For Deep Purple, stuff from Warner seems to sound good. And stuff from EARMUSIC is squashed. Just bought Stormbringer, Burn, and Fireball and they sound pretty good.
  2. 2011 A Dramatic Turn of Events I got from hdtracks sounds pretty good. 2013 Dream Theater I bought on blu-ray which has stereo and surround mix. 2019 album was a disaster, so I had to get the special edition which had blu-ray, which was expensive. I actually asked hdtracks support if they'd sell surround mixes, and they said no. Surround works fine in FLAC format.
  3. I remember being so excited when I discovered hdtracks, that now I was able to have studio quality mixes, and listen from my NAS any time, any device... and then I discovered that most of the stuff I like had that weird compression effect. What a bummer 😞
  4. I wanted to buy the new Deep Purple Whoosh album from hdtracks, and after listening to sample tracks, it brought memories of when I bought Dream Theater Distance Over Time from them, which had a terrible dynamic range compression. I bought the Distance Over Time later again on blu-ray, which is the same 96/24 PCM format as hdtracks, but sounded much better. I attached the comparison waveform for Untethered Angel track. After contacting hdtracks, this is what I received. "Please note, we don't record or master anything here at HDTracks. We receive the most up to date maste
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