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  1. Thank you very much for writing this. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your questions were very perceptive. I'm looking forward to reading your other interviews.
  2. I'm looking forward in great anticipation to those new articles. It's funny, I have an unreasonable excitement whenever I hold a Raspberry Pi, and I'm not sure why. I'm now in my sixties, and have worked in IT most of my life, so I shouldn't be that bothered, but the Raspberry Pi instils a strange, boyish enthusiasm in me. I think it's something to do with its cost (I am a skinflint), and the marvel of having something so versatile and relatively powerful in such a small form factor. I have set up a raspi zero with a TV HAT to stream over-the-air TV via an HDhomerun e
  3. I just wanted to say what an excellent article this is. I enjoyed it immensely. It's erudite and informative. I have several raspi's running as Roon endpoints, but your article has got me itching to redeploy one or two of them and experiment further. Thank you for your inspirational hard work.
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