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  1. I can vouch for the quality of the Pachanko Aphelion SATA cable. I first used an audiophile SATA cable when I put a Pachanko Pure Reference SATA cable into my SSD-only (not streaming) computer audio transport. It made a big difference, so much so that I could not believe that the Aphelion would be much better. But I am on a quest to get the best sound using a computer (and not spending silly money on it). I am using a Streacom FC9, with a cheapish motherboard (which might be a weak link: it is a cheapish Biostar one), Audiophile Optimizer and Windows 10 Pro, with an HDPlex LPSU and 400w DCATX
  2. I bought the Optimo power supply on the basis of what it appeared to promise: an improvement on what I was already using to power my JCAT XE USB card. What I was using was a W4S PS-1, with a Kimber DC lead. That sounded pretty good in the audio-only SSD-driven computer that I have been using and improving for over 3 years now. I am using Audiophile Optimizer on it, with Windows 10 Pro, a Pachanko Pure Reference SATA lead to a Samsung SSD, among other things (including Ghentaudio DC leads internally and to the HDPlex 200w linear power supply that is powering an HDPlex 400w DC-ATX). I am not str
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