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  1. Probably Wenge color. Thank you for the suggestion. 👊🏻
  2. Thank you kindly to everyone that has given feedback so far. I may be leaning towards Sonus Faber Aida2 - Any specific thoughts on this speaker? I know it will require less amplification Than the Macintosh XRT 2.1. I have been told that 2 MC 901's will be sufficient. Any thoughts? I think i am going to Fly to Houston to listen to them at Houston Audio. Her is what's already ordered - MC901 x2 C1100T Tube pre amp C1100C Audio pre amp D1100 Digital Pre amp MCT500 CD MT 10 Reference turntable Men220 - Room Correction System MS 500 music streamer MPC1500 AC Power Controller Cables - Redwood SWB BFA- SPADE
  3. Great information about Vivid- I am originally from South Africa.
  4. Thank you- yes we have our architect working on room acoustics and design.
  5. Thank you kindly for your response. I will take a look. @Solstice380
  6. HI, I am planning a music room in a house under construction. I am set on using Mcintosh for all components but am trying to figure out what speakers to use. B&W Nautilus? I know this is old technology and the current wait time is 10 months. Mcintosh XRT2.1K? Are they worth the money? Any other suggestions? We are building a very modern home so i wanted speakers that had somewhat of a dramatic presentation. The Nautilus looks awesome- The Mcintosh is this huge tower that carry's this huge presence. Should i be considering something else? I will mainly play digital and vinyl- I have already ordered the Mcintosh MT 10.
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