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  1. tedwoods, When I switched to a W10 pc, and started up imageUSB, it couldn't find my SD card (pc has a SD card reader), so I couldn't compete the operation. Perhaps the SD card slot isn't on USB, but another hardware interface? Anyway, I switched to balenaEtcher, and it said it wrote the file, and completed the flash operation. I wish imageUSB had an option to list all drives, but I guess it wouldn't be just a USB utility. Ron
  2. I've not had too much luck in my upgrade to v5.0: I hope someone can point me in the right direction. When I downloaded and flashed v5.0, I can't get back to normal run mode. When I insert the microSD card and plug in the power cable, at best, the left green LED comes on, but the right one never does, no matter how long I wait. I have tried different microSD cards (PNY or SanDisk): same results. Just to be sure, I flashed a copy of my v4.91 firmware, thinking that'll work, but I got the same results. When I replace the flashed microSD card with the one I bought i
  3. So in the firmware history, SOTM lists many firmware upgrades, the most recent was v0.4.91. Did their SOTM docs list two firmware releases at that time, v0.4.22 and v0.4.91? Ron
  4. ronfint, In the SOTM docs, there are two downloads listed with urls... v0.4.22 v0.5.0 I'd like to make a backup of the version that was in the SMS-200 when I bought it, which is v0.4.91. Is there a 'downloads' page somewhere that SOTM maintains that has all the released firmware, and if so, can someone please point me to where it is? I would have thought that SOTM would have such a page, but I can't find it. Thanks, in advance... Ron
  5. When I open Balena Etcher, it gives me three options... Flash from file (assumes I have an image file already on my hard drive Flash from url Clone drive When I select 'clone drive', it asks me for the source drive, which I can point to the SD Media slot on the iMac. Then, it asks me for the destination drive, and lists all the internal and external drives I have connected. I don't want to select any of these, ,because I am assuming it will overwrite that destination drive with the contents of the microSD card, which is not what I want. Is that assumptio
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, but after I chose 'ignore', I went to Disk Utility, selected the Apple SDXC Reader Media (which contains the microSD card) and hit 'Image from Apple SDXC Reader Media', chose a location, gave it a name, and hit 'Save', it gave me the following error... I tried dd Utility, but it does not see the SDXC card reader as a valid external device. So, back to one of my earlier requests...does anyone have a location for the v0.4.91 image file from SOTM? Thank you, again... Ron
  7. So following advice from 5-pot-fan, I was going to make a copy of my existing microSD card, and try the in situ upgrade. When I inserted the microSD card into my mac, it says that it can't read it, and gives me the options to 'initialize', 'ignore', or 'eject' it. The SOTM docs show two alternatives versions to download: v0.4.22 or v0.5.0. My current info shows a user interface version of v0.4.91. Does anyone know where the .iso for v04.91 is located so I can download it? Thank you, in advance... Ron
  8. stefano_mbp, What happened? Did your last upgrade fail somehow?
  9. Do most of you do the 'on the air' upgrade from the SMS-200 and preserve your settings? How often does it fail and leave your system in a bad state? Thank you... Ron
  10. I recently bought my SMS-200, so upgrading to v5 will be the first time I'm going through the process. I've got a few questions that I hope some of you good people can help me with... I have a mac, and downloaded the v5 image (sMS-200_20201123-V0.5.0.img) per the SOTM documentation. The downloaded .img file is 8.07 GBytes. Is this file in the final format that I'm going to write to the microSD card, or does it require additional decompression? If it does require additional decompression, what tool must I use (eg, 7-zip)? How should I format
  11. You are right - my bad for not checking Sorry to waste everybody's time... Ron
  12. Thanks for the tip. I was able to successfully rip the CD to aiff. I would actually prefer flac format. Is there a way to rip to flac in XLD? Ron
  13. Thanks, kumakuma Does XLD have a GUI? When I run it, should a window open to select the source, determine where the resultant file goes, etc? Ron
  14. It has been awhile since the last post on this thread (two years ago). I could use some help with this question. Up to about a week ago, I was running my mac on High Sierra, and Max still worked, and worked well. After I upgraded the OS to Catalina, I now get an error message saying that the version of Max I have won't work anymore. What CD ripper to my fellow mac users to produce bit-perfect, lossless flac files? Thank you in advance... Ron
  15. After a lot of dead ends and experimentation, we were finally able to get this to work... It turns out that any file that does not contain the file type in the header can return an error condition from the renderer. A bug in JRiver caused the playlists to sometimes return incomplete headers, which led to the error condition. The people at JRiver identified a workaround that will fill in all the required fields, so they all play successfully. Ron
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