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  1. Sure and I think it's Computer Auduophile's position too. Measurements by themselve are not misleading. People that present them can have hidden agenda or personnal goals different than teachning and sharing neutral informations. There's people who use science badly (we have a couple of exemple here, as well as on ASR forum. I do agree that we have to do something about this. But removing the data available is not a good solution, this would be a step back.
  2. To validate the application you have to use it, and as said earlier Pkane already asked other people to validate it. If I create an algorithm that do addition. Then if you enter 2 and 2 and it gives you 4 I guess you'll know it works correctly. No need for external validation.
  3. Being irrationnal is not a judgment, at different degree we are all irrationnal and full of biais. If a buyer has to weed out option there won't be free ticket, he'll have to inform himself, simple has that. If a buyer doesn't want or doesn't have time to learn and fer informed he'll have to trust sellers and or manufacturer. At this point objevtive data, even a "pass" /no pass is irrevelant
  4. In fact I don't even need the hammer's data to use it and find that it does what's supposed to do. Now what objective data do you expect from a tool like Distort? Seems that no one want to anwser it.
  5. Sure, but that's not a "problem". Irrational buying habits is a problem.
  6. Distort app is a tool, hammer is a tool. All objective data for a tool cannot be published. Same thing goes for plane, we don't have access to all the objective data before we buy a ticket. There's no doubt or skeptism to have about the plane's abilities to fly and bring you from point A to B. But people can still ask for it if needed. Manufacturers or creators will provide it or not. For our situation feel free to ask everything toi want, we'll see what Pkane anwser. Again objective data can only be misleading if you don't have the knowledge to interpret i
  7. So you and Sandyk are asking for a DBT of a VIRTUAL mathematicaly induced simulation?? Comon......
  8. You'll have to learn how to code an application to understand how it works, this is out of scope of the thread and "irrevelant" for now. Like it has been said earlier the app has already been "validated" and verified . Unless you have the expertise too objective data about how it bas been code will be "useless" for this goal of this thread. And sure I'll change my position whenever a rationnals arguments will be provided. It includes things that I can think of in the future. So for OP, objective data are always welcome.
  9. But I think I'm wrong about revelancy. Even with simple things like a hammer objective data can be usefull. His weight will tell me if I can handle it. His lenght too. Sure I can just buy a hammer and in the end I'll get the job done. But anyway, I before I can use the data I need knowledge. You won't anwser my question because you don't know. I think what you are looking for is knowledge. But you'll have to do your part.
  10. That's not fair you are not anwsering my questions. What objective data do want from Pkane's Distort application? What kind of objective data do you want about a "simple" tool. If you ask for something specific I'm sure Pkane will anwser. For Bertrand I'm pretty sure he said an end in itself (French translation). But both are not opposite. Education can be a mean to and end and an end in itself (There's a lot of things we learn that have no "real utility", but it provide a richer life. We can learn just for the sake of learning).
  11. Yes, for simple things like what's the use of a hammer. Only if you don't have the appropriate knowledge. It becomes a personnal choice to learn, or to trust and use the tool and verify if it does what it is supposed too. The data is mostly irrevelant for simples things, or very Well known things. For more complex things it's always revelant. Bertrand Russell said that education is an end in itself (sorry don't know if the expression is ok). There's no gain To have at keeping people ignorant. Now anwser my questions before we continue.
  12. Let say I'm presenting you a hammer. What kind of objective data would you want? What kind of objective data do you need to be sure you can hit nails with it? Then what kind of objective data do you expect from an application that "creates" all kind of distortions that you can add on music, tones, noises, or whatever you want? Another exemple? What kind of objective data do want for a tone or multitone generator to convince you that it generates tones? What kind of data do you need to prove you that a guitar distortion pedal really generate distortions ?
  13. And for what I see aven if Pkane gives toi thé objective data toi won't be able to judge what it is doing?
  14. You'll have all the objective data you want by using the application. Then you can do everything you want to do with it. There won't be any authority that will validate anything. About the subject of the post : what will you do with the app data and technical informations? As per OP it is not necessary and it could be misleading you. You are asking for strange proofs, but as Pkane sais you'll have to do your own search in order to understand/appreciate what the app ia doing and maybe about what measurements means. There's no free ticket.
  15. Look, distortions, numerical music and sound are well understand for a long time no. Software devellopment too. For now it looks like you don't have enough knowledge to understand how Distort works. It's up to you to learn. I know it sounds rude but it looks like you are looking for some magical effect or to prove that there effects about numerical music and sound reproduction that are still misunderstood.
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