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  1. 21 hours ago, al2813 said:


    Hi, can you specify how exactly you use your two LPS? Do you have a USB audio card (JCAT etc.)? 

    It's in my profile under Audio System 


    Audio system is changing regularly and there are two; I try to keep it updated.


    SuperMicro X10SBA with two LPS:

    1) EPS connector - DC cables: Gotham GAC-4/1 (JSSG360) - FaradSuper3 @12v + SR Fuse upgrade/ AC cables: Furutech cable + connectors
    2) ATX connector - DC cables: Gotham GAC-4/1 (JSSG360) - Uptone LPS 1.2 @12v / standard Uptone brick


    USB audio card:  Eifidelity (temporary) while waiting for new higher Streacom case to install Pink Faun SPDIF bridge.


    Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. 3 hours ago, Anwar said:

    There is no fresh install straight to 20210716.

    If image is downloaded from Euphony website, one has to start from 20210421, then perform feature updates to get to the latest version.


    But if I am wrong above, please point me to where I can download image for 20210716 fresh install.  Thx.

    You are correct about euphony20210421v3.img; the most recent you can download today.  


    If you want to compare two versions you can toggle under ''system info'' and ''revert to release'' as described by flkin above. Apparently after many times this could cause a bug as he observed. I toggle(d) for months between 102 and 716, (see image below). Mayby instead of toggles I should do a clean 716 install AND a clean 102 as well IF I want to keep comparing.


    If you want to compare more than two Euphony versions you need to install from different USB sticks and do a clean install and above all, have an .img file for each version on usb stick. 


    flkin has been describing very well in this thread in detail what to expect soundwise between different versions. (I thanked him allready for his super detailed sound impressions and here we go again: thanks flkin!) . 


    The best would be if the most recent version is simply the best. Less stressful for Euphony/Željko too, I think he must have had a hard time with the anti-updaters since he tried to improve on v. 102 ;-), mea culpa





    euphony20210421v3.img, the most recent you can download today



    Toggle between two Euphony versions


  3. On 8/28/2021 at 1:17 PM, davide256 said:

    Anybody know if Euphony will run on an Intel Atom processor? Thinking about buying one as a "play toy" to try as stylus endpoint/NAA

    Hi Dave, remember me, you tried helping me out asking good questions when I posted here about Euphony distortion when switching 16/24bit tracks and back (still do :-( it's Upnp related I know at least....I think).


    I can confirm Euphony will run on Intel Atom only with one Uptone lps 1.2 (gets more warm, I added a 90x90 mm heatsink on each side).*

    I am using for 18 months the following:  MOBO : SuperMicro X10SBA (Intel Celeron J1900) - EPS: FaradSuper3 @12v (since 4 months)- ATX Uptone LPS 1.2 @12v.


    I am not using HQ player or multi-multi cores and prefer the idea of less effort/low power. It's only one Euphony unit BUT I added the FaradSuper3 as 2nd PSU to great result, more open sound, specifically bass more extended and all bass more controlled and better defined. I do not know what sounds better JS-2 vs 2 separate LPS?.

    And if I can hear that improvement with my basic setup, imagine some of you ;-).


    * if you wonder if this LPS 1.2 got too hot, no it did not. I recently posted about LPS life expectancy because two LPS in my setup died almost at the same time. It was not this one. Actually my ISOregen and SSD LPS's died (not even at 4 years). 

  4. 15 minutes ago, Soul Analogue said:

    Oh FPGA processors…. Yes i agree this thing is quite fragile…

    but i dont see the real need to incorporate one into a pure audiophile lps….except for some fancy features like thermal monitoring, user selectable voltage settings… these features and the FPGA create interference and noise to the psu output… 

    I am talking about LPS that are available on the market today (and the list is very long) not so much the concept behind. Although understanding what is inside might help to select an LPS with more durable components. Thats the advice I am looking for.


    I think 3-4 years is not good enough for a 450$-650$ LPS. Or the other way round, if those last only 3-4 years I might go sooner with Sean Jacobs for example ;-). Where is the break-even point? For example if I paid 150-200$ a year that equals  a 1000$ LPS (if it lastst 10 years) I probably get better sound also .  


    So replacing both my broken LPS I will definitely need to evaluate duarbility of components.

  5. So LPS can die after 3-4 years or sometimes 6 years. 24x7 that is.


    I am using Uptone (3 yrs)  and Farad (2 yrs)


    Example of LPS components hard to source or hugely expensive according to my manufacturer (quote) : ''Particularly impossible has been the main FPGA used as well as the 10-per-board opto-isolators.  We usually pay xxx for the FPGA.  A spot-market source in (edit) just quoted us xxx each! 34x!  Impossible and insane.''


    That's a huge problem for manufacturers, great warranty or not

  6. Not sure if this is the right place but I mainly follow this thread and the Euphony thread. I know users here go to great lenghts to get the best LPS's they can afford. Sound quality depends a lot on them we all agree, so that easily  justifies spending.

    But is anyone aware of LPS life expectancy? Hard to measure, but based on experience, how long should / will they last?


    I am asking because in the last months I had 2 LPS die (3 and 4 years old) and also one of the powerbricks to feed the LPS started humming ( I won't use it any more). Past warranty unfortunately (up to 3 years). Currently repair is impossible due to parts that can not be sourced, so it's a total loss for me. 


    Jay @ AudioBacon just did an amazing ''The World’s Best Audiophile Linear Power Supplies comparison'', with I think the DC4 @ $7,500 being the most expensive. I am in for 2 new LPS's but spending this much how long will/should they last?


    Please let me know if this is worth a new topic or if this is allready posted somewhere.

  7. 4 hours ago, flkin said:


    Thanks, @di-fi it's all about the music in the end 😄


    I found that from 0217 (ie February) onwards, focus and bass tightness was more than the earlier versions - but when does it end? I find that with 1102, when the image of say a singer is right in front of you and palpable, does one need more focus? The bass in a live jazz session is naturally unfocused, you can't hear the edges of the instrument like you can with a brass instrument. So do we need tighter bass? That's why I think any valuable improvement would be more towards the texture and micro details. And perhaps a touch tighter bass. Not to say that 1102 is defective in anyway, I find it really good already. Say in Sara Bareilles' "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" in her Live at the Variety Playhouse album, the micro details of the audience in the background is almost as loud as her singing and 1102 is resolving enough paint the illusion of the soundstage so well you're almost there at the performance. But at the same time, during the loudest part of the song, her voice doesn't come across as overly hard or stinging. The high tone has just the right amount of energy, bodyweight and reverb. I don't get this balance with Euphony versions later than 1102. 

    Thank you for the insight. I am familiar with that track, I’ll give it a listen. 

    I am also aware that Željko needs specific and descriptive feedback, the reason I was asking you to elaborate on « bass » and « details ».  Great you already shared that with him.

    I understand Željko was concerned, and he should be. When users here express dissatisfaction or disappointment they can be really helpful providing elaborated feedback (preferably sharing here or by opening a ticket @ Euphony).

    After every update there are never details about changed sound quality, and IF something changed sound wise, for a reason.
    Hard to satisfy all users all the time, but Euphony came a long way. 

  8. Really fascinating how you recap all the different Euphony versions. When you mention regarding 1102 “Bass slightly loose, details a little less than optimal”, it makes me wonder what/if other Euphony versions improve on this specific feature? 

    I assume for you that would be the ultimate Euphony version (and it’s ok even if that’s only for July 2021 ;-).)

    In other words, what version did you like more with a tighter base, and what version has details optimal?  Or did you not hear that yet with previous versions? 

    That would be great feedback (for Z). I am aware it is system dependent but I would love to hear that specific version.

    Cheers flkin and may the music be with you!

  9. On 5/4/2021 at 11:56 PM, edwardsean said:

    Try XiSRC. As you know, not all sample rate converters/encoders are the same. 


    XiSRC was fantastic for the low price, and there is a Mac and Win version. Now that the company, Xivero, is no longer in business, I think it may just be free. You can find download links online. 


    It can be a bit slow compared to the common free algorithms out there, but I think more precise.  

    Interesting! In my quest to optimize local files to play with Euphony Stylus I tried XiSRC (free*). The same company provides MusicScope (also free**) to examine the characteristics of files. MusicScope allowed me to visually compare the original FLAC (33Mb) vs, the WAV provided by Bandcamp (50.4Mb) and the WAV I converted myself from FLAC with XiSRC (also 50.4Mb) . In MusicScope all 3 look identical. Soundwise, at first listen, I can not confirm a difference between the versions of the selected file. 


    This might go beyond the subject here (you can also PM me) and I would like to explore more, but are there any specific settings in XiSRC that you can refer to for optimizing/improving the WAV file vs. the original FLAC?


    *https://sourceforge.net/projects/xivero-audio-tools/    **https://getwinpcsoft.com/MusicScope-3870859/download/




  10. 6 minutes ago, edwardsean said:


    Have you tried Wav/AIFF instead of FLAC? Even though flac is lossless compression, I do find uncompressed files perform better. I’m not sure whether that’s due to artifacts at the compression stage, decompression stage, or both. Some think that it’s due to the noise of the extra processing load of decompressing the files. So, if they have flacs they decompress them offline and store them as wav for playback. 


    It’s worth the experiment unless you’ve already ascertained that it makes no difference for yourself. 

    Thank you for pointing this out. I did try to compare FLAC vs. WAV/AIFF in the past, downloaded both versions from the same album (Bandcamp), but it was not conclusive. Also my system might not be resolving enough. I will give it a try again, my system evolved a little over time, it could be worth it. 

  11. 22 hours ago, edwardsean said:


    I'm using Apacer RAM and an Optane drive, so I very much want to use Ramroot. I'm still hoping for a version that has greater fluidity and space (esp. soundstage width), and the added performance of Ramroot. 


    The great thing about 102 is the way the sound flows freely, unrestricted into an expansive space. My ideal audio components are able to do this while occupying that space with dense and precise images.

    Thanks. For these listening sessions are you playing local files or streaming files?

  12. On 5/2/2021 at 1:25 PM, The Computer Audiophile said:

    You now can hide posts from view. 

    @NenonWhile you have an "eraser" could you also use it for the way too long last April 15th discussion that led to a separate post from Marcin? No hard feelings but it seemed it made many feel uncomfortable, having no place here. Disagreement is ok but THIS could have been discussed in private. Enjoy your holidays, I love reading this thread.

  13. 20 hours ago, edwardsean said:

    Okay, okay, okay, I've converted to 421.


    I kept playing with 421 and what finally did it was that I disabled Ramroot. That alleviated the tightness I was experiencing in 421's presentation. 421 has this incredible precision and definiteness where 102 can image overly soft and diffuse. However, with Ramroot engaged, the sound feels like the screws are overtightened and it feels stiff.  I don't like giving up Ramroot, but once I unloaded it, a natural sense of flow returned. 


    I still long for more of 102's fullness, larger low end and staging. Also, I am uncomfortable losing Ramroot from a technical standpoint. I had to remind myself that the only that counts is the end result sound. Well, you can't have everything. This is still quite a good net win, and I'm glad to be going forward with Euphony!



    I appreciate your descriptions of how the sound is evolving through versions. You improved without (!) ramroot, so now sound quality depends less on RAM.

    To better understand, would you mind sharing what type of RAM you are (not with 421 !) using and also what other type of memory to run Stylus is attached to your mobo? In the situation above you do streaming, SSD or NAS? I looked in your setup details but you did not mention. If you did somewhere else please link to that part of the thread. Thanks.

  14. 11 hours ago, ASRMichael said:

    I had M.2 fail which carried two versions, 108 and 102 if I recall. Each time you upgrade you can go back one if don't like it. Unfortunately I had no other backups on a USB from a fresh install image.  

    Ok I understand now. I know how to revert and switch between 2 versions within the same install, but not more than 2. Many thanks!

  15. 1 hour ago, ASRMichael said:

    Hi no you just can’t copy & paste. Others like you must have usb drives with different versions. You should burn another usb drive & try new version with IRQ and compare against 108. Post your findings here. 

    Thanks and sorry to insist, it's out of curiosity, and maybe one day soon my system will evolve so it becomes practical to know. I understand you have no USB drive. Do you keep more than 2 versions of Euphony on your Optane 32 Gb?

  16. 9 hours ago, ASRMichael said:



    I haven't managed to copy partitions, unfortunately!! Maybe someone here who knows Linex well does? Would be good to test 108 with new versions with IRQ. New version with IRQ sounds great to me. IRQ gives you something special that wasn't there before.  

    I mentioned copy-paste as an example. Do not know if it even could work. But how do people here in a practical way compare 3 or more different versions of Euphony without going through the whole hassle of a new installation each time? They run each version from thumb drive only? Like stick 102 in , listen, pull out, stick 117 in, pull out, stick 108 in etc. 

    For example I have the last version on ssd with reverse option to 108. Standard configuration allows for easy bi-version switch. But how do I add for example 102 to this duo for comparison?
    Today we have different users with clearly different preferences. Making OS version changes easy and accessible opens the door to actively using different OS version depending on your mood and/or set up. Who can make it work? Or how did you make it work? 

  17. On 4/22/2021 at 3:40 PM, ASRMichael said:

    Once you install Euphony onto your new hard drive, just make sure you tick share library. It’s got SMB share. So from another pc or laptop. Just mapped a drive with your IP of Euphony. Then drop your music into the mapped drive. Easy as that. 

    Mapped drive something like





    Is that also how you would copy-paste a previous version of Euphony like 102 or 108 into one of the 4 partitions (EUPHONY_SYSTEM)? Or do you need the original Euphony installer files? 
    I do not have any Linux knowledge but I also would like to compare in a quick and easy way between more than two versions of Euphony like some of you, but I need some guidance.

    I do have different USB thumb drives with 102 and 108 and 117.  
    If this goes beyond general interest please pm me. Thanks in advance!

  18. 2 hours ago, drjimwillie said:

    .  I purchased the Optane stick and the PCIE adapter card to run the OS on. My intent is just to use it as NVME. When I went into bios to set up the boot drive I did not see an option for NVME. I contacted Supermicro and they told me that NVME will not work in this computer.  
    However, considering that I have the Optane and the PCIE adapter card, I want to install it just to see if I can load some files on it, to see if they sound better than files loaded on my Nas.  

    I recently did the same. 16Gb Optane card + adapter card in only PCIe slot of my (2017) SuperMicro mobo. Euphony will recognize the Optane card and create partitions and install the OS on it. BUT I could not get my system to boot from it (after removing usb drive). I also got in touch with SuperMicro, they confirmed there is no reason it should not work, just let the BIOS know there is a card in PCIe slot.  Please let me know if you get it to work. 

  19. 20 minutes ago, dminches said:


    Actually, you did.


    You wrote "Regarding the power supply used in Taiko SGM Extreme and the lack of Taiko response, plus the fact that Taiko removed @matthias question in the official Taiko Extreme thread is enough for me to draw conclusions. "


    "..Taiko removed..."

    Building a DIY Music Server 

    If we only could avoid and remove some personal comments here, we all could benefit from a reset.


    please pm

  20. 6 hours ago, biosailor said:

    I have Euphony running Roon Core on a 4 CPU i5. When checking the temperature of the CPUs, Euphony often shows that one of the four CPUs runs at 100% full load. Is this something I should worry about? I also dropped the clock frequency to 1.5 GHz and the CPU temp is now never above 50 degs.



    Maybe it has nothing to do with it, but I had the same problem once (running 4 cores and one freaking out in red) and Željko found I accidentally had activated “use cache” in library >miscellaneous> when at the same time “buffer” and “album buffer” were activated. Unchecking “use cache” instantly resolved the problem.

  21. On 3/12/2021 at 5:36 PM, di-fi said:
    (Euphony Stylus) When changing to a track with a different bit depth the next track plays with heavy distortion
    I am hoping that someone in this great and resourceful community (many thanks for sharing!) could give me a clue how/where to troubleshoot. With my setup (details in my profile)  I did not have any problem until end last year.  Then suddenly my (1 box) Euphony Stylus (ram root and buffer) started randomly playing distorted tracks when changing from 16 bit to 24 (and 24 to 16) from a play list or 'radio' function. Basically in my day to day listening (all my music is on a NAS) I can only play 1 album (same bit-depth either 16 or 24) or make playlists with one bit depth. When it happens I can hear the song play, but it is extremely distorted, a lot of high, no bass. Sometimes the song will play distorted and at a faster pace. 
    Does anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance,

    Sound file below (you can hear me change tracks). You do not need to listen for long, it sounds pretty awful:

    UPDATE: I reached out to Schiit today. I had a chance to replace my Yggdrasil with an other DAC (instead of reinstalling the previous USB that recently was replaced by Unison USB); problem solved, no more distortion when changing bit depth. It seems more likely Unison is to blame.

    YMMV and even My Mileage May Vary, really scratching my head. I am back to Yggdrasil for 30 mins. and I can not force distortion anymore as I could earlier today. 

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