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  1. USA to Europe 3 Prong Plug Adapter should work. If you are handy you can do it yourself. No worries, this is a modification of the short (cheap) cable between power adapter( up to 240 V) and wall outlet and won’t affect sound quality. What will Improve sound is a good dc cable, like the dc4 you purchased. Cheers
  2. * CPU utilization % and temperature are the same while playing the FLAC or WAV file in Euphony Stylus with ramroot (see previous post). I definitely give it a good listen with other tracks.
  3. Interesting! In my quest to optimize local files to play with Euphony Stylus I tried XiSRC (free*). The same company provides MusicScope (also free**) to examine the characteristics of files. MusicScope allowed me to visually compare the original FLAC (33Mb) vs, the WAV provided by Bandcamp (50.4Mb) and the WAV I converted myself from FLAC with XiSRC (also 50.4Mb) . In MusicScope all 3 look identical. Soundwise, at first listen, I can not confirm a difference between the versions of the selected file. This might go beyond the subject here (you can also PM me) and I would like to e
  4. Thank you for pointing this out. I did try to compare FLAC vs. WAV/AIFF in the past, downloaded both versions from the same album (Bandcamp), but it was not conclusive. Also my system might not be resolving enough. I will give it a try again, my system evolved a little over time, it could be worth it.
  5. That's what I thought, same here. Best results with local files. In my case all FLAC on a Synology NAS +LPS > switch > 30ft Cat7 > streamer.
  6. Thanks. For these listening sessions are you playing local files or streaming files?
  7. @NenonWhile you have an "eraser" could you also use it for the way too long last April 15th discussion that led to a separate post from Marcin? No hard feelings but it seemed it made many feel uncomfortable, having no place here. Disagreement is ok but THIS could have been discussed in private. Enjoy your holidays, I love reading this thread.
  8. I appreciate your descriptions of how the sound is evolving through versions. You improved without (!) ramroot, so now sound quality depends less on RAM. To better understand, would you mind sharing what type of RAM you are (not with 421 !) using and also what other type of memory to run Stylus is attached to your mobo? In the situation above you do streaming, SSD or NAS? I looked in your setup details but you did not mention. If you did somewhere else please link to that part of the thread. Thanks.
  9. Ok I understand now. I know how to revert and switch between 2 versions within the same install, but not more than 2. Many thanks!
  10. Thanks and sorry to insist, it's out of curiosity, and maybe one day soon my system will evolve so it becomes practical to know. I understand you have no USB drive. Do you keep more than 2 versions of Euphony on your Optane 32 Gb?
  11. I mentioned copy-paste as an example. Do not know if it even could work. But how do people here in a practical way compare 3 or more different versions of Euphony without going through the whole hassle of a new installation each time? They run each version from thumb drive only? Like stick 102 in , listen, pull out, stick 117 in, pull out, stick 108 in etc. For example I have the last version on ssd with reverse option to 108. Standard configuration allows for easy bi-version switch. But how do I add for example 102 to this duo for comparison? Today we have different users with clearly
  12. Is that also how you would copy-paste a previous version of Euphony like 102 or 108 into one of the 4 partitions (EUPHONY_SYSTEM)? Or do you need the original Euphony installer files? I do not have any Linux knowledge but I also would like to compare in a quick and easy way between more than two versions of Euphony like some of you, but I need some guidance. I do have different USB thumb drives with 102 and 108 and 117. If this goes beyond general interest please pm me. Thanks in advance!
  13. I recently did the same. 16Gb Optane card + adapter card in only PCIe slot of my (2017) SuperMicro mobo. Euphony will recognize the Optane card and create partitions and install the OS on it. BUT I could not get my system to boot from it (after removing usb drive). I also got in touch with SuperMicro, they confirmed there is no reason it should not work, just let the BIOS know there is a card in PCIe slot. Please let me know if you get it to work.
  14. Building a DIY Music Server If we only could avoid and remove some personal comments here, we all could benefit from a reset. please pm
  15. Maybe it has nothing to do with it, but I had the same problem once (running 4 cores and one freaking out in red) and Željko found I accidentally had activated “use cache” in library >miscellaneous> when at the same time “buffer” and “album buffer” were activated. Unchecking “use cache” instantly resolved the problem.
  16. UPDATE: I reached out to Schiit today. I had a chance to replace my Yggdrasil with an other DAC (instead of reinstalling the previous USB that recently was replaced by Unison USB); problem solved, no more distortion when changing bit depth. It seems more likely Unison is to blame. YMMV and even My Mileage May Vary, really scratching my head. I am back to Yggdrasil for 30 mins. and I can not force distortion anymore as I could earlier today.
  17. UPDATE: I found out with ASRMichael that the 108 files I have could not be used to install and get back to Euphony 108 (or at least I do not know how). I do know it takes specifically this file: <euphony20201108v?.img.gz>. This is a part of Euphony-downloader from around (end of?) January 2021. If ever someone has <euphony20201108v?.img.gz> it can be flashed to USB stick with a program like balenaEtcher. Sorry. (but please let us know if you have this file)
  18. Hi, I do have version 20210108 on SSD and USB stick, I am more than happy to share, if that partially helps “pay back” all everyone shared here to my great advantage. But no clue how to make a copy. No Linux knowledge:-( . I use win 10 to access my network. Please PM me. Cheers, Paul
  19. Sorry I should have added I am running 20210108. I am having slow response only when I click track number 1 of an album, usually this should buffer the whole album. Sometimes I have to press many, many times to no avail. Clicking track 2 will load the whole album. BTW this happens both in 20210108 and 20210217. I have “buffer before play” and “buffer album” activated.
  20. This used to work for me but since a few months ago when I reduce to 100 Mbps Euphony Stylus (ram root) becomes too slow and randomly unresponsive. Building thumbnails and buffering takes forever. So I have to leave at 1000 Mbps and unfortunately skip the benefit of less noise. I’m playing local files from a NAS (up to 700-800 Mb size per album max.) and my setup is very low power compared to most users here, so YMMV.
  21. This could be interesting for you: page 84 on this thread: On 3/15/2021 at 2:32 PM, Johnseye said: It isn't about the data. It's not the song cached in RAM. It's the noise generated by the NIC during playback. Unless you can validate the NIC is not utilized at all, which is what bringing it down does. If the NIC is utilized for anything during listening it can generate noise.
  22. Or disable network connection for a chosen amount of time from within expert settings. (note: Euphony will become unresponsive for that amount of time).
  23. Playing local files from NAS with settings: * Buffer 100%. * Whole album to buffer. (When you have both these settings activated you do not need « buffer queue to RAM ») Also see the manual about difference between cache and buffer and you are all set. No guarantee your system is resolving enough to hear it though! Happy reading.
  24. Are you transfering an existing Euphony licence to an other network card? Contact Euphony for transfer to new machine. I do not 100% understand your setup (where is Roon installed?) but if your new machine is running Euphony and connected directly to a DAC you should run Euphony Stylus and not Euphony ep. Hope this helps. PS The screen shot seems perfectly normal
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