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  1. While waiting for an update, I wonder if it could be beneficial for you and your wonderful setup to try JPLAY femto /WIN10 and compare to Euphony OS? Anwar and lukasluis made convincing claims (starting September 20 in this thread) this will beat Euphony in sound quality.
  2. Thanks, nice description of where exactly sound improvements can be expected. Very helpful.
  3. The 9% is extreme, it’s more like 4-5% average on 1 core and between 0 and 3 % on a second. Core 3 and 4 stay mostly at 0%. When running Euphony in ramroot I can take out the USB stick, but I never do, it never flashes, i do not think it is used. The USB stick eliminates OS SSD with LPS. Sound is equal or maybe a tiny improvement. Installing win 10 (as mentioned by Anwar above)on a slower nuc will not advantage sound quality I am sure.
  4. My fanless Celeron 9100 that is currently running Euphony (v. 20201102) from SLC USB stick does not get hot at all. Playing large flac and wav files music from NAS all morning (see image). If you confirm with Jplay it's even less, that's only good news and I could even install Jplay on a slower NUC.
  5. You made me curious and I will trust your judgement because ''It sounds more dynamics and lively, with tighter bass'' is also what happended when I added LPS 1.2 and later a Farad Super3 to my NUC. The same improvement when I installed a separate USB card on the PCI slot. And also when I replaced both DC cables between the powersupplies and NUC, tighter bass definitely and more dynamics. So I am aware my milage may vary. As allways hard to say how big the change will be and where sound quality will be improved. (And even more difficult, HOW to write about different aspects of sound quality to compare apples to apples - or Euphony to win 10 + Jplay Femto) A second point to consider; I am looking for sound quality improvement AND a user friendly interface. I am running everything from an iPad pro. I have a second and slower fanless NUC (4gb) with Win 10. I might give that one a try first for the JPlay FEMTO trial install. To the (also fanless) Celeron 9100 that is currently running Euphony from SLC USB stick (and ramroot) I will have to add a SSD with ideally a decent LPS (that was my setup before running from USB stick). Look forward to try, it's on my list for the next month(s). Thanks for sharing. Did I understand you connected separate LPS for (1) SSD, (2)Motherboard, (3)Optical drive and (4)USB?
  6. But I assume that this dedicated win10 computer needs processing power, LPS and more? Probably not just a basic PC (NUC) like my Atom Intel® Celeron™ J1900 low power (2 LPS) 2x4Gb Apacer that currently runs Euphony without effort. I will read https://dranwarali.com. Thanks Anwar!
  7. Currently trying a Nad C658 w. BluOS (balanced XLR out) and a Bluesound node 2i (se out) in different configurations vs. Euphony. Although I am in the middle of changing many devices in little time, for now I can confirm in my set-up BluOS can not beat Euphony soundwise. But I will keep trying. You do not mention if you are trying or not to improve sound or interface (simplify?) but as far as the interface and customizing access of music files Euphony is easy to beat. BluOS and JRiver are clear winners here. I hope to find a better and more user friendly interface than Euphony but without giving up Euphony sound quality (any recommendations anyone?) My findings today; - soundwise Euphony (and also JRiver) will beat BluOS (in my set-up). - interface wise with BluOS and Euphony you are stuck with what the designer created, but BluOS is more easy to use and more intuitive.
  8. It's in my profile under Audio System Audio system is changing regularly and there are two; I try to keep it updated. SuperMicro X10SBA with two LPS: 1) EPS connector - DC cables: Gotham GAC-4/1 (JSSG360) - FaradSuper3 @12v + SR Fuse upgrade/ AC cables: Furutech cable + connectors 2) ATX connector - DC cables: Gotham GAC-4/1 (JSSG360) - Uptone LPS 1.2 @12v / standard Uptone brick USB audio card: Eifidelity (temporary) while waiting for new higher Streacom case to install Pink Faun SPDIF bridge. Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. You are correct about euphony20210421v3.img; the most recent you can download today. If you want to compare two versions you can toggle under ''system info'' and ''revert to release'' as described by flkin above. Apparently after many times this could cause a bug as he observed. I toggle(d) for months between 102 and 716, (see image below). Mayby instead of toggles I should do a clean 716 install AND a clean 102 as well IF I want to keep comparing. If you want to compare more than two Euphony versions you need to install from different USB sticks and do a clean install and above all, have an .img file for each version on usb stick. flkin has been describing very well in this thread in detail what to expect soundwise between different versions. (I thanked him allready for his super detailed sound impressions and here we go again: thanks flkin!) . The best would be if the most recent version is simply the best. Less stressful for Euphony/Željko too, I think he must have had a hard time with the anti-updaters since he tried to improve on v. 102 ;-), mea culpa --- euphony20210421v3.img, the most recent you can download today Toggle between two Euphony versions
  10. When you (do a clean) install Euphony you get a warning it will erase everything before formatting in 3 partitions. That should be enough I think.
  11. Hi Dave, remember me, you tried helping me out asking good questions when I posted here about Euphony distortion when switching 16/24bit tracks and back (still do :-( it's Upnp related I know at least....I think). I can confirm Euphony will run on Intel Atom only with one Uptone lps 1.2 (gets more warm, I added a 90x90 mm heatsink on each side).* I am using for 18 months the following: MOBO : SuperMicro X10SBA (Intel Celeron J1900) - EPS: FaradSuper3 @12v (since 4 months)- ATX Uptone LPS 1.2 @12v. I am not using HQ player or multi-multi cores and prefer the idea of less effort/low power. It's only one Euphony unit BUT I added the FaradSuper3 as 2nd PSU to great result, more open sound, specifically bass more extended and all bass more controlled and better defined. I do not know what sounds better JS-2 vs 2 separate LPS?. And if I can hear that improvement with my basic setup, imagine some of you ;-). * if you wonder if this LPS 1.2 got too hot, no it did not. I recently posted about LPS life expectancy because two LPS in my setup died almost at the same time. It was not this one. Actually my ISOregen and SSD LPS's died (not even at 4 years).
  12. I am talking about LPS that are available on the market today (and the list is very long) not so much the concept behind. Although understanding what is inside might help to select an LPS with more durable components. Thats the advice I am looking for. I think 3-4 years is not good enough for a 450$-650$ LPS. Or the other way round, if those last only 3-4 years I might go sooner with Sean Jacobs for example ;-). Where is the break-even point? For example if I paid 150-200$ a year that equals a 1000$ LPS (if it lastst 10 years) I probably get better sound also . So replacing both my broken LPS I will definitely need to evaluate duarbility of components.
  13. So LPS can die after 3-4 years or sometimes 6 years. 24x7 that is. I am using Uptone (3 yrs) and Farad (2 yrs) Example of LPS components hard to source or hugely expensive according to my manufacturer (quote) : ''Particularly impossible has been the main FPGA used as well as the 10-per-board opto-isolators. We usually pay xxx for the FPGA. A spot-market source in (edit) just quoted us xxx each! 34x! Impossible and insane.'' That's a huge problem for manufacturers, great warranty or not
  14. Not sure if this is the right place but I mainly follow this thread and the Euphony thread. I know users here go to great lenghts to get the best LPS's they can afford. Sound quality depends a lot on them we all agree, so that easily justifies spending. But is anyone aware of LPS life expectancy? Hard to measure, but based on experience, how long should / will they last? I am asking because in the last months I had 2 LPS die (3 and 4 years old) and also one of the powerbricks to feed the LPS started humming ( I won't use it any more). Past warranty unfortunately (up to 3 years). Currently repair is impossible due to parts that can not be sourced, so it's a total loss for me. Jay @ AudioBacon just did an amazing ''The World’s Best Audiophile Linear Power Supplies comparison'', with I think the DC4 @ $7,500 being the most expensive. I am in for 2 new LPS's but spending this much how long will/should they last? Please let me know if this is worth a new topic or if this is allready posted somewhere.
  15. Thank you for the insight. I am familiar with that track, I’ll give it a listen. I am also aware that Željko needs specific and descriptive feedback, the reason I was asking you to elaborate on « bass » and « details ». Great you already shared that with him. I understand Željko was concerned, and he should be. When users here express dissatisfaction or disappointment they can be really helpful providing elaborated feedback (preferably sharing here or by opening a ticket @ Euphony). After every update there are never details about changed sound quality, and IF something changed sound wise, for a reason. Hard to satisfy all users all the time, but Euphony came a long way.
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