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  1. Great! Thank you! My "Renderer / DAC" make and model is the AYON S-10 II and I believe it is a UPnP/DLNA supporting device (https://www.ayonaudio.com/products/network-playertransport/s-10-ii/) - in their site they call it "Medial Network Player" - it does include a DAC You are most helpful! I really appreciate it Sir!
  2. Excuse my ignorance and thank you for your effort and patience. Last query so I fully understand: when my laptop sends bits to my DAC it does so via the USB to ethernet adapter - correct? Does this affect the audio quality?
  3. Thank you for the detailed answer. However, please note that Jriver resides in the laptop... and therefore it's UPnP/DLNA server. Hence, it will "use" the USB to Ethernet adaptor... wouldn't it?
  4. Thank you for the suggestion, but I leave in Europe (Greece)!
  5. Hi to all. Currently as I am fairly new to network playback my setup is fairly simple: My music sits on a secondary old synology NAS from which I have striped out all functionality / programs running, except from the absolute necessary for it to serve as a music media "holder". I also use a very old (10 year+) Lenovo laptop which runs JRiver and holds its library. I have a network switch (TP link 108) dedicated to music, i.e. it is connected to my router. I have another switch which holds all my other non-music ethernet connections (PCs, TV etc). The topology therefore is as follows: Router->Ethernet 6a to ->Network switch->Ethernet 6a-to ->NAS and Laptop Both the NAS and Laptop are located in a network rack away from the music room. A long ethernet (about 12meters or 38ft approx) 6a cable connects the Network switch to the music room. From the wall outlet, I have constructed myself a very short (15cm) 6a cable that feeds into a TP-link MC100CM media converter, then 1 meter long fiber optic that again feeds into a second TP link media converter. Finally a hand made very short 6a ethernet cable feeds into my Renderer / DAC Following this long description of the system, here is the "issue". My laptop's ethernet port is damaged, so I am using a USB to Ethernet convertor. This by itself makes me uneasy as to the quality of signal... I am thinking therefore, of investing at say a NUC to replace my aging laptop. Do you have any suggestion as to which one to get? Or is there a better solution to propose?
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