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  1. @R1200CLYes, I have tried different cables, of different lengths. The "Normally you should have a minimum of one meter cable" statement is not true by ethernet standards - there is no min length requirement. I have also tested my streamer with a different FBP and it had no problem with a 2.5 inch cable!!! Something must be strange with my sample of OM Deluxe though. I did the test of connecting it to my laptop (i.e. not my audio device / streamer). When connected with a 31 inch cable everything was fine. However, when I used a shorter cable (the shorter... the worst), the link speed dropp
  2. No... I connect the OM deluxe with ethernet cable... For your understanding my network is Network switch->TP link fiber converter->OM deluxe->Streamer/DAC
  3. I don't think so... It might be related, but no. My connection is OM deluxe-> Streamer/DAC via ethernet cable. Yours is I understand OM->ER->streamer(?)
  4. @jaaptinathank you for replying. If you don't mind me saying so, using such a long cable (3m) from OM to your streamer, you somehow are defeating its purpose which is to eliminate all the RFI etc. Have a look at this short video How to isolate a network device from noise on your network using the Sonore opticalModule Deluxe - YouTube. Anyway, is there a possibility of running a small test for me... i.e. connect your OM to the streamer with the shortest ethernet cable you have and see if it works? Thank you!
  5. No... It's not a problem with my streamer. As I noted in my previous setup with Mc100Mc, I use a 2.5 inch cable and no issue. In your setup do you connect it to Rendu or a Streamer/DAC. Could you do a small test and let me know the outcome?i.e. Connect it to a third party streamer with a short cable and see how it goes? Thank you! really!
  6. I have several in different lengths (I make them / test them myself). Unfortunately the design between the old OM and the Deluxe is different, so I can not draw any conclusion. Thank you anyway
  7. @jaaptina Hi! I am using a setup like yours... Can you please tell me what is the length of the ethernet cable you use to connect the OM with your streamer? I got OM Deluxe a few days ago and in my case I cannot use anything shorter than 31 inches, because then music stutters and in the worst case my streamer does not even get an IP address. Previously, when I was using TP-Link for the job, I had no problem with very short cables (2.5 inches). I try to understand whether this is a design issue of the OM Deluxe, or my unit is faulty. Thank you
  8. Thank you @agillis. I recently got an OM Deluxe. For the little (I 'll explain) I have listened, it appears a worthwhile upgrade. My setup is virtually exactly the same as depicted in your picture above whereby the OM is connected to a TP-Link MC220L on the "dirty end" and to my Network player/DAC on the "clean" side. However, I have the following puzzling issue: Following your advice as well as my previous experience with the TP-link Mc200Mc I was using, I connected the OM deluxe with a very short ethernet cable (about 2.5 inches). The result was that my network player/DAC connected with
  9. @JohnSwenson please help me out here: I am going to implement the DC shunt cable in the following setup The question is the following: would this setup, "destroy" the isolation (galvanic?) offered by the Fiber optic cable? Would it be preferable to use the DC shunt cable ONLY on the opticalModule's power supply? Thank you in advance!
  10. Just bumped on this thread and I was interested in trying the trick. The issue was that I did not have the tools at hand, apart from some wire and a plug. So I thought of this simple solution. I wrapped tightly the wire with the help of pliers and the other end went to the plug! Its cheaper and fast! (admittedly not as elegant)!
  11. Hi. I am looking for help in purchasing the correct FMC + transceiver + fiber optic cable to match the Sonore opticalModule Deluxe. The specifications given at the Sonore site are not very clear to me, as I have limited knowledge on fiber optics and the various standards. Ideally I would like to match it with something from the TP-Link line of products which are much easier for me to find in the local market. Thank you in advance
  12. Thank you @Bernie Unfortunately gigabit ethernet is hard wired so to speak in the house walls... making it very difficult to replace the 50ft length with fiber. What I could do as suggested is replace my existing TP links with one TP-Link 220L and send its output via fiber to ER and that via a very small ethernet cable to my Network player - right? Do you have experience of similar setup? did you hear improvement adding ER to fiber as above?
  13. @R1200CL This is how my system is setup right now and I have to say that the inclusion of FMC's and fiber right before my Network Player / DAC makes a huge positive difference to the sound. I suppose I could get rid of the second FMC and feed straight into ER. I don't think it would be wise to get rid of them altogether and go straight into ER via ethernet from my switch, since may people reported additive benefits of fiber + ER. It's just that I have not seen it in the way I want to implement it... hence I am looking for other people's experience
  14. Hi all! I would like to get opinions / impressions re sound improvements using ER in the following way. My current setup is shown in the picture below I intend to insert ER AFTER the second TP Link converter feeding via ethernet my Network player. This is shown below The reviews I have read up to now, unless I missed something out, are concerning the use of eR either without fiber i.e. only ethernet connections, or placement of eR BEFORE the fiber. In the later case, at least theoretically, the improvements in sound may be attributed for the greater part to the fiber clos
  15. This is great. Got it. So, you have eR reversed i.e. from B to A so you can connect fiber going ultimately to your DAC. Thank you
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