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  1. Yup, it works like a charm. Since then, I could enjoy my DSD128 library 🙂 Thank you, thank you very much.
  2. Hi, where to input these syntaxes? A question from newbie thank you very much
  3. I've resampled DSD128 into PCM or DoP in the Lumin app. But it still failed to play Please explain more detailed about the syntax: how and where? Thank you very much
  4. Hi psme, I am an owner of Lumin T1. Althoutg I set it downstream DSD into DoP or PCM, my Lumin can not play any 256 or 512 DSD files from my Synology NAS with Minimserver installed. Please kindly advise. Thank you very much
  5. I've ordered Chora 826. Again, your advise for breaking-in a new speaker is valuable Counting down every day for new speaker's arrival, despite still enjoy with Sonus Faber Concertino Domus 🙂 Thank you very much.
  6. With your advises and your wise experience, I don't feel any hesitate to pick up a pair of Focal Chora. Within my budget, I believe it's the best choice and I prefer to pay extra 200 bucks to own 826 as its beauty and more elegance than 726. I am in debt your advises and patience. With warmest personal regards,
  7. @bluesman: It's me again! I tried Focal 726 at showroom and feel not interesting with it's sound quality. The sounds seems to be stiff and lack musicality, due to the speakers are new and still on run-in period. Is Focal Chora 826 better than 726? (I can not try it at studio as it is outstosk). Should I order 826 despite 726? (Cost difference between 2 models just 200 USD) Your experience advises would make me take final decision. Thank you very much.
  8. Exactly! Too many choices in audio devices is more troubles than nothing to choice. And there are many biases from advertisements. I will trust my ears, as you advise 🙂
  9. Dear bluesman, You've unfolded my blindness by these valuable advises. I own you a drink! Thank you very much
  10. I am looking for the tower speakers. Could you kindly specify the best Focal for classical music? Thank you
  11. Thank you for your advise. I am using Cambridge CXA 80 + Lumin D1
  12. I could not find it in local market at my country. Anyone has any idea about Sonus Faber Venere 2.5?
  13. Here is the description: Router --> Airport Time Capsule --> DIY audio switch My music is stored in Synology NAS, supplied by linear power --> above audio switch with linear power too --> Lumin D1 with CAT 8 Ethernet
  14. Dear all, I have used Airport Time Capsule as a wifi router. My Synology NAS connected with Airport Time Capsule through audio switch. Do you think the HDD of Airport Time Capsule could make electrical noise, which affect on sound quality streaming? Should I change it into Airport Extreme without HDD? Thank you
  15. I have add a Rel T7i subs into my system with significant improvement. But I still want to try second pair of speakers :-). Do you think Buchardt would be nice alternative, in terms of musicality? Cheers,
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