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  1. R1200CL thank you for pointing me in the right direction , as I said completely new to this , there is alot more to take into consideration than I frist thought so looks like I have to do alot more research into the subject , also don't want to make costly mistakes , I will read the links you have sent me and once again thank you , your input has been greatly appreciated gary mac (uk)
  2. thank you both for your input on this and I will look into this a bit further , they seems to be more to it than I 1st thought , i was under the impression it was go out buy a streamer (2k budget pounds) connect to my amp and use a service like tidal or quboz , but to get what I am after seems to a bit more involved , told you I was a novice , thank you both again for your support , gary mac
  3. hello I am a complete newbie and this is my 1st post so hope I am in the right place , my question is I am wanting to get into the streaming side of things , have seen a few which I am interested in , ie a lumin , novafidelity , aurglic , melco , but unsure do I go wi fi or ethnet connection I am after getting best quality sound , I am currently running a leema acoustic tucana ll anniversary amp with a leema acoustic antila cd player , would i need a deacated dac ? any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated
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