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  1. Hi Allo Support, my Revolution DAC, purchased in June last year, is dead apparently. When connecting it to power, it gets warm but the display stays dark and the DAC is not recognized by my USBridge Signature Player. Please advise. Thanks.
  2. Oh, excellent. Another obsession I really did not need I managed to source a couple of CDs more or less locally, more are on their way from Japan. This is going to be a long and expensive journey... On a related note I would like to recommend the excellent Tokyo Jazz Joints site (https://www.tokyojazzjoints.com/). They contributed the photos on the BBE J-Jazz compilations and do some ace podcasts as well.
  3. What DAC do you have connected to the USB Bridge? You should be able to see and enable that one in Roon, not the USB Bridge itself.
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