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  1. A word of caution regarding the Melco S-100. I am running Roon on a Wolf Audio Alpha 3SX to an S-100 and then on to a dCS Rossini Player. I have repeatedly experienced the dreaded "audio files loading slowly" message when I tried to use a 100mb port on the S-100 for my Hi-Res and DSD streams from my music server to my dCS Rossini. On the other hand, using a 1gb port on the S-100 worked fine. I have been advised by MELCO that there is not enough "headroom" on the 100MB ports to run Hi-Res and DSD streams through the 100MB ports. Furthermore, MELCO advises that it is not possible to chan
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    Roon Labs Nucleus and compatible Keces P-8 Linear Power Source (19v/20v 8 Amp) in excellent condition no longer needed as I upgraded to a Wolf Audio Alpha 3SX server. Shipping (in US only) via UPS ground included. Payment by PayPal.

    1,050.00 USD

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