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  1. is Klipsch PowerGate Amp any good...I can use my RME ADI-2 Pro FS as DAC?
  2. Hi all I have just been given a pair of Klipsch RP-150M Reference as gift need some help to chose the right stero amp for it... I will use them on my working desk ... at the moment I have Voll 50 and using s.m.sl SA-36A Pro but I think for Klipsch RP-150M I can get better amp...I am not using Subwoofer and need something can run Klipsch RP-150M but also be compact as I want to put it on top or under my RME ADI-2 Pro FS which I use for my headphones...maybe I use RME ADI-2 Pro FS as DOC for Klipsch RP-150M also I have Audioquest Evergreen for 3.5mm to RCA or RCA t
  3. Hi all at the moment I have Sony Z1R with Topping DX7s ... I am a bit bored with Sony Z1R and I want to try something else ... I used to have the sennheiser hd800s and I liked them very much , but they were not very usable to me as it was very loud so I sold and bought Sony Z1R... I also tried sennheiser hd820s but to me it was not like sennheiser hd800s... what do you think is the best for the close headphone better than Sony Z1R...also should I think about upgrading my Topping DX7s as well? also on a separate matter, I dream to own FOCAL UTOPIA if that ever
  4. Thanks...I am in Sydney - Australia ...I have updated my account ...
  5. I have a 42" LG monitor which has speaker built in but its anything but impressive...I have headphone Sony and Topping DAC/AMP ... but I need something better when I dont use headphones and also cant spend much on it ...I want to get the Logitech Z623 first then I thought lets put some fun in it so so I have Micca MB42X Bookshelf and Lepy LP-2020A and I need a sub...as the shipment from US is very expensive I tried to look for sonetrhing available here and I found Paradigm Defiance V8... I will use my custom build PC as source ...what do you think of this set ups ? I hope to get at least
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