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  1. is it possible to transmit more than dsd64 over one aes cable? but maybe with the optical link...
  2. hi, what was the problem? my preamp and the monos play without any issue. hopefully the next years too... kr guenter
  3. hello, my dealer is still on holiday 😉 he's a friend of mine. he told me he comes back possibly next week. but he is in close contact with the distributer and he knows how much it costs and how to handle it. so maybe in the next few weeks i know more details. i'm not in a hurry. so far i don't really miss anything with version 1 of the da2 🙂 kr guenter
  4. i don't have any sonore boxes but it might help to get an impression of the ns1: before my ns1 i played for years with an aries femto. i liked the aes interface on the da2 and before that on the dac2x a little better but unfortunately only with a very expensive cable 😔 then you are limited to 192khz and dsd64 which is more than enough in my opinion. with the ns1 i play with the optical cable. it plays at eye level like the aes cable. that's my impression and that of some others who are partly not addicted to the adiophile virus. an usb cable does not work with the ns1 anyway.
  5. i also don‘t really understand why this is necessary. with aes it‘s not needed. shahin from emm labs wrote to me that version 2 of the da2 handles track infos over the rs232 link. it‘s also stated in the manual of da2 v2. but until now the upgrade is not available in austria and my dealer is on holyday for 2 months 😒 so maybe in autumn i get news.
  6. i use for some months the ns1 as roon endpoint with a da2 version 1. before i played with an auralic aries femto with a sbooster power supply and an aes cable from hb cable design. aes sounded better in comparison to the usb interface from my pov. and i tried many usb cables from wireworld, synergistic research and audioquest and many others. but the ns1 with the optical link (thats packed with the ns1) to the da2 sounds far better than all other configurations i have heard at home. if you can to try the ns1 give it chance.
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