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  1. Is that an Australian product? I'm not finding it on Amazon.
  2. I just tried toothpaste and it just made more scratches. There are a lot of different kinds of polish: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=meguiar+car+polish&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 Which one would be the finest grade?
  3. What does the label say for a very fine polish? Is there a specific grit?
  4. What do you think about using a compound instead of a polish?
  5. Here he says get the car polish off in circular motion: However I've read other people saying not to do it in circular motion: "People, don't rub in circles. Discs are read in circles so by rubbing in circles you can just create more unreadable patches. Rub from the inside to the outside instead." a reply to above comment: "Correct but in a spiral not straight out" What does it mean to rub in spiral not straight out? User fas42 also said: "Definitely not circular!! ... Going from the centre to the edge of disc, back and forth, along a
  6. This person says using car wax wasn't enough and he had to use sandpaper and buff it up with rubbing compound. However this person recommends toothpaste: So, is toothpaste enough or would sandpaper and rubbing compound be needed?
  7. Does radially mean in a circular motion? For finishing car polish would the second one in this Amazon search result be ok? (called Meguiar's) https://www.amazon.com/s?k=high+gloss+finishing+polish&ref=nb_sb_noss
  8. I wouldn't fuss about it if I can't hear it but my question was since I don't want to listen from beginning to finish to check whether or not I can hear or not, if there was a way of knowing where in the track the error occurred (I think I heard EAC lets you know where in the track the error occurred?) so that I could listen to that part only instead of listening from beginning to end. However I just tried EAC but can't find the Rip button to begin with and the button that says "get information from metada provider" threatens to delete all data in CD if I click on it.
  9. Without listening to the whole track from beginning to finish? I ask because sometimes even when it says there are errors, when I play it I can't hear any errors. So I basically want to know whenever a rip says 'inaccurate,' whether I can hear any noticeable corruptions in the track. If I can't hear any pop or obvious disruption I'm fine with it. I'm using dbpoweramp.
  10. I think it said something like, "the upload paused because of an error" and there was a button I could click to resume the upload. Is this something I should be worried about or could I trust that everything is fine? It was about 10 or so album folders that I uploaded.
  11. If there was a pause in the process of uploading music files (AIFF) to Google Drive, and I had to press a button for it to continue to upload, is there a chance that a file could have been corrupted in the process?
  12. The best Drive (no errors) is pretty expensive at $250: (https://www.newegg.com/p/1B1-000G-00072 The 2nd best (13 errors, much better than Pioneer's 216 errors) is $30 but it's an internal drive: https://www.mydvddrives.com/matshita-dvd-ram-uj8e0-sata-cd-dvd-rw-drive-burner-writer-104937.html I was hoping to get an external, because I don't have a laptop with space for a drive or desktop, and it would be a hassle to install an internal one.
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