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  1. Also a person noted that without using Pure Read, Pioneer has the most errors when ripping: MATSHITADVD-RAM SW-9588   Accurately ripped  MATSHITADVD-RAM UJ8E0(スリム)   Differs in 13 samples  HL-DT-STDVDRAM GH24NSD1   Differs in 32 samples  PLEXTOR PX-891SAF   Differs in 96 samples  PIONEER BD-RW BDR-S11   Differs in 216 samples https://review.kakaku.com/review/K0000938765/ReviewCD=1199873/#tab
  2. @yamamoto2002 Do you also use a Pioneer drive? If so, what are your experiences in effectiveness of Pure Read in reducing noise? (雑音?) I tried ripping with Pure Read turned on Master Mode, and I didn't notice much difference. I read this written in 2013: 最近のPioneerドライブはダメージディスクの読みが元々弱いので、Pure Read を使ってもたいしたことはないようです。(These days, Pioneer drives are weak at reading damaged discs in the first place, so using Pure Read is not something that great as it may be thought to be.) Also from the same author in 2009 (updated 2013): 今回試したPioneerのドライブは、元々ダ
  3. I only have Mac computers as of now. iMac and MacBook Pro. Maybe weakness of iTunes mainly comes from Windows environment? My plan was using it with my iPhone and an LG phone with Quad DAC.
  4. On another thread I made someone made this comment: What are weaknesses of iTunes/Music compared to other apps? What are the alternatives and their strengths
  5. There seems to be a few people at audiocircle who said ALAC is the worst lossless format:
  6. What apps do you recommend? I just checked out VLC but there doesn't seem to be an option to make music playlists like you can in iTunes.
  7. What would be the advantages of FLAC over AIFF? The reason I wanted to use iTunes was, since I use iMac and MacBook, I thought it would be more convenient to use iTunes, than going into Virtual Machine to use Windows music players to make my playlists there. But I just realized that VLC which also runs on Mac can be used to play music too, and also there's VLC app for iPhones too. I've also been using VOX player to play FLAC files on my Mac, and noticed that there was a VOX app on the iPhone, but haven't tried to see if it will sync the playlists without using their pa
  8. You mean ALAC will only show one artist when there are multiple artists? Another thing is I heard ALAC sounds worse than FLAC and WAV/AIFF sounds better than both FLAC/ALAC:
  9. I thought it would be a good idea as I noticed that all music playing apps on Android seems to support AIFF. Also AIFF can have album covers whereas WAV can't. Also it's easily playable on iPhones through iTunes (If I ripped in FLAC I wouldn't be able to play it on iPhones.) Not only that, I can use make playlists on iTunes and sync both iPhone and Android phone with same playlists (on Android, using doubleTwist to sync with iTunes). However are there any problems that you can think of that I could encounter later on? Anything that you can think of that is incompatibl
  10. I found this article: https://ordinarysound.com/cueripper-pureread/#toc3 It says the following: 以前のことですが、WindowsでPureReadに適したリッピングソフト(リッピング機能付き音楽再生ソフトを含む)を検証したことがあります。その際にPureReadが正しく動作するソフトは4つ程度でした。その中の1つはPureReadドライブ同梱ソフトですがリッピングソフトとして使い辛く即却下でした。残るは定番のdBpoweramp CD RipperとEAC(Exact Audio Copy)、それと日本でマイナーな存在のCUERipperです。 当時のdBpoweramp CD Ripperはリッピングのログを自動保存しない事とキューシート形式非サポートで却下です。EACも当時の版は内部キューシート形式保存に未対応、何より小難しい(笑)で却下です。※EACでリッピングした外部キューシート形式は後処理としてfoobar2000を使えば内部キューシート形式を作れます。最近のdBpoweramp CD RipperやEACは触っていないのでどうなっているかわかりません So I understood that
  11. pionphil


    Could someone teach me how to use Metadatics?
  12. Does it find and attach the album artwork to the ripped music files ok?
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