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    Designed by Gustard audio hifi team! Combines best chips - the ES9018 and XMOS! Great DAC! Attached its AP test result for your reference! 4 inputs! Support DSD! With XLR balanced output! Quality components as the pictures! Nice look chassis! Clear printed letterings on the back pannel on the chassis! Easy to handle the three buttons! Fuction: >>4 Inputs: Coaxial, Optical, AES/EBU (will support up to 24Bit/192Khz) USB (PCM support up to 32Bit/384Khz) sample rate Coaxial16-32bit /44.14888.296176.4192 kHz optical: 16-32bit /44.14888.296176.4192 kHz AES/EBU16-32bit /44.14888.296176.4192 kHz USB 16-32bit / 44.14888.296176.4192352.8384 kHz DSDx64(2.8224MHz)DSDx128(5.6448MHz) >>Analog Output RCA Output 2.5 Vrms 0dBFS XLR Output 5 Vrms 0dBFS Frequency 20-20K Hz +/-0.15dB >>Input voltage: AC115V/230V 50/60Hz(there is a switch between the two transformer); Power consumption<30W >>Dimension: 190 x 70 x 313 mm (W x H x D) >>Package weight: about 4KG Features: >>DAC IC: ES9018 (ESS Technology Sabre Reference 32bit ES9018 DAC chip) >>USB IC: XMOS (Asynchronous USB2.0, best USB receiver chip) >>CPLD program: microcontroller the DAC, volume can be control >>LCD display & fuction switch: input signal selection, filtering selection, sample rate >>Digital Input: balanced SPDIF AES/EBU port, RCA, Toslink Optical input and USB >>Analog Output: balanced analogue output via XLR port, single ended output via RCA port. Analog Output use separation components, do not use no opamps >>Two sealed transformers separately power supply for digital and analogue

    395.00 USD

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