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  1. This is my first post ever on Audiophile Style/Computer Audiophile; actually, this is my first post on any well known audio community website or forum with the exception of the now-defunct Linn forums which used to be hosted by Linn years ago. I mention this because I want the record to show that until today, I do not spend my time commenting on audio related forums, nor have I ever really wished to spend time doing so. I served in the role of Technical Support Manager for Aurender America from May 2016 until December 2017. If anyone doubts this, they can ask Chris himself as I’ve had dinner with Chris and the Aurender team, and have met him numerous times both prior to working for Aurender and during my tenure there. One is also welcome to search Stereophile for my name in an associated review of the A10, and check past Axpona and RMAF video footage of me being interviewed on behalf of Aurender during those respective events. On top of that, I’m certain I have communicated with many of the members of this forum about their Aurender music server. My initial reason for commenting is to state - Chris, before you make broad statements with the intent to justify why a company expects the prices they command for their products, perhaps you should consider whether those statements are factual or not. In other words, if you decide to shill for a brand, be aware that there can be repercussions for bending the truth to serve your advertiser’s interests. Your comment - I know that you don’t know much about any of this, in actual fact, and are just parroting it in the interest of an advertiser from whom you extract revenue. A journalistic approach and proper evaluation and investigation into this brand and company would have perhaps led you to a much different conclusion. I don't think you know at all what you are talking about, so it's probably a better idea for you not to say anything about it.
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