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Long suffering music lover who appreciates good sound quality and decent tunes all forms of music entertained apart from rap, even a touch of Sun Ra if in the mood.


Know my way around a JBC rework station from time to time. Our lab sports a few pieces of highly desirable test equipment; love the roar of a big motor and copious amount of prancing horses under the bonnet (that's a hood to our US cousins).


Currently going through a transition phase with the audio system at home looking for some inspiration, good banter and not taking oneself too seriously!


Have a dislike of audio companies who specialize in marketing BS and who products are only half thought out and there just to fill a non existent gap like MQA (Music Quashing Algorithm) , which is a solution to problem that does not exist only in audiophiles minds and those who wish to a little light illuminate on there streaming devices 😴


I do enjoy delving into so called audiophooliery trinkets that are abound in the market place and taking a real close look at them to understand how much serial BS is attached to the product.


Power supply measurements stated on here and ASR are seriously skewed by agenda's known only to the protagonists, life is too short for nit picking unrelated data to bash others around the head with irrelevances to make the poster look intelligent. Sad fact of internet fora


Sub defuse and side tracking tactics are easily seen through, give others credit for cutting through the constant 'chaffing'


Agenda's should be checked at the door and owners being made to state exactly where their products came from, are they long term loan LOL, or a 'gift' or did they purchase outright at a preferential rate. Transparency is key here


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