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  1. A good observation Mops One which we will be delving into in great depth in coming weeks. Going to be explaining and producing information on how power rail noise, harmonic content, shot, Johnson noise crap programming code, incorrectly designed transmission lines, poor circuit board layout all contribute to what you see on that curve and how it effects then end result. We also have the ability to de embed the various elements of the whole so we can see the effects of a noisy power rail, via a real time spectral analysis simultaneously with time/frequency pl
  2. Hello Markus With regards to your question on light source data transfer, theoretically once the data is inside the 'light pipe' short of being bombarded with silly frequencies and hyper power rf amplifiers or emp pulses the data should remain corruption free. I personally have zero need for ethernet RJ45 protocol in my personal systems as I use custom designed and built storage devices located in the PCIE slots horizontally mounted, with individual rail supplies and total decoupling of each pcie rail. enough for 8Tb per card. Quick history lesson, Wadia wer
  3. Nail, head interface 200% However they have been a few companies doing this for quite a few years, however they tended to be non audio companies looking into these areas for other reasons. Think about this logically why would you require a great deal of computing power to actually achieve what is little more than very low level data transfer, very basic file organisation and one or two interface outputs beats me. The amount of unnecessary crud (electrical interference) flying around a pc mother board is bad enough with a basic pc lol. Let alone y
  4. I now understand why Martin T AD clock has had a positive difference after looking at the circuit and its limitations with its rail noise. The power supply is contributing a great deal imho
  5. With regard to phase noise (jitter) graphs, the one very important attribute which is often over looked by the fact I have 'x' value on which part of the curve is the amount of spurii on the curve itself. Martin T observations in relation to rf noise further up the frequency scale is valid, this can by influenced by the amount and amplitude of the spurii themselves this (imho) has as much effect on the end result as having a low phase noise. Below is the plot of one of the clocks we use, you can see the minimal amount of spurii on the curve compared to many others.
  6. Excellent you have cleared that up for me LMH, hence the brick wall filter for the sine wave boys! As I personally do not require an e.Regen not a particular problem I have encountered so thank you for the clarification. Its is appreciated
  7. Hello Confused I have to admit, not one I have the privilege of listening so I could not comment on that one sorry. If you have one happy to have a listen and preform a full measurement suite on it and post the details so how it compares in the pantheon of cables no problem at all. You are not so far away from ourselves just a short haul up super slab 4.
  8. Very simple to clear up, ask the the gent himself, I may have misinterpreted things 😪 Apologies, having gone through this process for almost two decades it does leave me a touch jaded at times.
  9. The bottom line here chaps is simple, if it works for you stick with it. For myself my test equipment uses square wave forms so does my audio equipment; a sine wave does not produce the same desirable results on my system that I like. Other equipment is more suited to sine waves, if John feels sign waves work better for the eRegen then he designed the unit and will know more about than just about anyone else so not much to debate really.
  10. Hello Philip We use an awful lot of clock cables in the studio, well over 100, we have tried many different brands over the years, including some exotic 'samples' certain brands gave a more etch sound high lighting leading definition, other were homogenized. Some really excelled at spatial information and instrument placement. All I can say is that certain well know branded cables use cables form other manufacturers with their own connectors, these are easily distinguishable as coming form a particular cable originator despite having different 'brands' stamped on
  11. Hello Philip I would not disagree here, also you have to take into account the previous performance of the previous clock you were using, (which also used that PSU) so if all things are equal (cabling and power) then the upgrade must come from the clock logic would dictate. Remember being mildly disappointed with the CS Op21A, however a quality power supply fixed that, no matter how many LT3045 you use in parallel the INCOMING rail noise and circuit board layout it still the key imho I could site one very famous high end manufacturer who uses banks of 2.5Vd
  12. Possibly why Martin's is producing some good results could be his is using an after-market PSU?
  13. This is going to be entertaining 🙂 Later I will post some images of cables looking at a true 10Mhz WF, then I would like you chaps to take a stab of which you feel would offer the best performance. These will be correctly matched impedance wise and signal wise. If you truly wish to look at cables, then using a Vector Network Analyser is the best method, that way so can see cable reflections and insertion loses in REAL TIME. So far you are all getting bogged down with which is best (lol), now so far none of the cables being shown or testes are a good (imho) a
  14. Hello Steve Excellent question, I must admit I have not used our CS OP21A for a while, for certain configured systems it really gives a shot in the arm. The DCS Vivaldi clock responds well to quite a few after-market 10 Mhz references. None of our clients run CS here in the UK (pretty sure they are many audiophiles that do), the eRegen does really like ultra clean stable power, heat removal and quality cables, (which you have covered). From our experience the DCS seems to prefer a SWF, the CS clock you have from memory doesn't exhibit the frequency spuri-i ove
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