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Audio System


--Taiko Extreme

--Aurender ACS10

--Chord Hugo MScaler

--Chord DAVE

--Luxman D-05u SACD

--Luxman M900 amp

--Luxman C900 pre

--PF Buffalo Switch



--Revel Studio2 speakers

--Pair of REL T7i subs



--PI Audio Custom UberBuss (audio gear)

--Sean Jacobs DC4 (DAVE)

--Niagara 1000 (on Aurender)

--Uptone JS2 (PFBuffalo)

--Farad3 (EReGen, PFBuffalo, MScaler)

--Sonore PS w/DC cable (OM)

--sBooster (Netgear AC2300)

--iFi (ISP router)



--Straight Wire Crescendo 3 Spkr Cables

--Straight Wire Virtuoso XLRs (SACD)

--Iconoclast POCC RCAs

--Iconclast POCC XLRs

--Wave Audio BNCs

--TWL Obsession pc (Extreme)

--Shunyata Venom v2 NR12 (Aurender)

--Shunyata Venom v2 NR10 (DC4)

--Shunyata Venom v2 Digital (Farad3)

--Voodoo Vector PC (SACD)

--AQ NRG Z3 PCs (subs)

--AntiCables Level3 PC (UberBuss)

--AQ Tornado PC (amp)

--Sablon Ethernet (PFBuffalo=>ACS10)




--ISP Nokia Fiber Router

--Uptone Audio EtherReGen

--Netgear Nighthawk AC2300

--Sonore OM

--Blue Jeans Cable ethernet.

--Custom 35' ethernet cable (Dave @ PI Audio--outer jacket removed from ethernet cable, cryo-ed, re-sleeved with Techflex, Telegartner cryo-ed connectors = sweet), FO MM and SM duplex cables are in place from network closet to audio room below for easy testing between copper and optical. 


Supporting Cast:

--Heavily Modified Mapleshade Rack

--Custom Farad3 Rack: "The Tower of Power"

--IsoAcoustics Gaia2 (spkrs)

--IsoAcoustics IsoPucks

--BDR carbon shelves/cones

--Assorted Herbies Footers and Damping Devices

--Furutech NCF cable elevators/clamps

--Assorted/many room treatments, commercial and DIY. Velocity and pressure. 


Basement room dimensions are not favorable for audio, but I spent a lot of time building, listening and adding treatments. Walls are an older constrained layer technique. Sounds awesome to me, although I have not measured it. Pending task.

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