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  1. ...more like the beans the civets crap out.
  2. ...you prefer the Kalita over the Hario dripper? I mean, while listening to non-MQA music in the morning. 😉
  3. ...as an FYI reference point: when I re-posted the EE info, it was copied over from an Uptone sponsored thread on the JS White Paper, a thread started in March of 2020. The post is from August of 2020.
  4. I think I missed the post with the DC cable shoot-out that has Ghent as the clear winner. Can you please re-post it?
  5. As I understand the more recent thrust of this thread, it was to build a high-level DIY music server, which has luckily evolved to include support from the Taiko group. That has been transparent from the start. @Nenonkind of took the reins on this, coordinating details with Emile, Sean J., etc. to source parts and to get technical/manufacturing help. My take is that many people (I do) feel the Extreme to be an excellent product, but with a price to match. If builders could get (I'm making this number up) 90% of the Extreme performance for a smaller cost, it would be attra
  6. ...I suppose then, neither could the comments from a competitor be considered objective.
  7. Here is an old post re: EE Switch, FYI... ThunderData is a small OEM manufacturer in Guangdong, China. They designed a basic switch. Here is the board. It is pretty simple, nothing fancy, probably not more than about $30 assembled (for comparison, we spend 2.5 times that just on voltage regulators for the EtherREGEN): Then offer it themselves--with an inexpensive upgraded clock replacing the $0.30 oval crystal--as the Silent Angel Bonn N8. Here is a pic of it: They also offer it in a nicer case to other manufacturers, still with exact sam
  8. @LewinskiH01 I think your approach with an eRG or OM is a very good option. Some folks, quite appropriately, like the EdgeX device as a router, versus the ISP all-in-one devices (modem, router, telephony). That said, depending upon your experience and comfort level, the Edge can be an "advanced" piece of gear to manage. I think some folks were putting their ISP device in "bridge mode" and using the EdgeX as a router, and some are using the SFP cage for optical output. The potential issues are: constraints by the ISP, and when running in non-typical ways,
  9. I'll try to limit the OT reply, but Buffalo Technologies is the parent company of Melco, right? There were extensive discussions and photos of the MOBOS, etc. So, yes, a good switch, to which is added a very nice OCXO https://www.pinkfaun.com/shop/clock/67-2916-ultra-ocxo.html#/clock_speed-20_mhz Add a capacitor board, integrated IsoAcoustics feet and some other wiring and removal of internal PS. I power the OCXO with a Farad3 and the main board with Alex's JS2 power supply. I am optical in and out. Half of the ports are programmed: off. There were thre
  10. ...you're a funny guy. 😉 I had one, two, three and then four Ciscos daisy chained six or eight months ago. Combinations of eRG and Ciscos...and a PFBuffalo switch, so I'm a bit ahead of you on this one, fella. My point was: putting a Cisco (or any other switch) in the chain with an eRG or anything else, only tells you what that combination sounds like, nothing else, if you're trying to evaluate a specific use case (two eRGs). If you want to know what two eRGs sound like, you have to get two of them and try it. You may assert these other methodologies, but it's very
  11. Honestly, there is very little that really stops these low frequency waves, but decoupling them from the floor should help. If the rail-yard a quarter-mile away is idling a couple of diesel engines getting ready to go, I can hear and feel it in my house.
  12. ...sounds more like the Third Law of Marketing: There's a Sucker Born Every Minute. I think if one wanted to try a more edge-case approach, some of the pastes/liquids that improve conductivity would be a better experiment.
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