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  1. Regarding the chassis: Sorry if this FAQ-stuff but I was just wondering if the Taiko chassis here would be "perfect" as is or could there be any relevant use adding some CLD damping mat, like Dynamat for automotive hifi? Has anyone tried such products with typical PC-casing?
  2. Sorry for getting such impression what I said. I managed (again) to express quite vaguely and I see now why you might have take it that way. I sometimes get out of focus when writing, even with my native language and manage to leave out something that I feel obvious in my head - of course not for the reader! I guess my point with that quote was more of reflecting to kind of ASR-type "objective" point of view. Bits-n-bits, you know. They did not appreciate EtherRegen and I was under impression the bit theory is frequently referenced. "It's just a switch.." For such types of people ER
  3. Quoted for "truth". In the beginning of my PC-audio craziness when I "only" had JCAT USB Card on a basic PC, later on powered with UpTone LPS-1.2. As astoundingly substantial effect LPS-1.2 had on sound quality powering the JCAT USB card I was almost as astoundingly surprised what Canare 4S8 did when replacing it with stock LPS-1.2 cable. Recently I introduced Audio Sensibility Signature Silver DC cables replacing Farad Level 2 cable (from Farad3 to Singxer SU-1 sCLK-EX modified) and the one powering EtherRegen also, which was Ghent Neotech UPOCC cable. As layman, I have no id
  4. Do you have chance to power the Taiko card with your preferred external LPS also?
  5. Which lenght I2S cables did you guys use? In my case I think the biggest culprit on "whole I2S" would be distance between my PC and DAC. (which would be close to 1,5 meter)
  6. I am not the guy to answer on that and this is post is not to take anything from Taiko server or the card, but just thinking out loud as great as the stock extreme server is, it's usb out is "just" PC motherboard usb out. So I think it's no wonder to yield even better results applying dedicated USB card supplying the power directly. Actually I don't know if anyone has tested, would be interested to know if someone tried externally powered USB XE or Pink Faun USB Bridge on the Taiko Server and found Taikos motherboard USB output better? (edit: if that is even possible to do on the se
  7. The prices (or approximates at this point) would be interesting to know and maybe a general designing and end product goals regarding the known top cards JCAT USB XE and Pink Faun USB Bridge Ultra OCXO. With this miniXLR clock connection the cards seem to have designed use just with your devices transmitting clock on such plug though?
  8. I have no experience on Mytek Brooklyn DAC so can't say to go one way sound wise. Although I think a DAC might not require that much of current capability but then again I am not familiar with the unit. Both PSU's probably are good choices to go with if current demands are met even with Farad3. One thing to consider though is that if you were on a tight budget and might want to maximize your investment, JS-2's dual AND adjustable output voltage is a no-brainer here I think. Economic area is another. You probably know better how this goes in the US but if I were to order someth
  9. I believe they ship worldwide everywhere where FedEx ships. At least it was with FedEx both times I had ordered from them. Regarding the cable I ordered my second unit with Level 2 DC cable. Later on compared it to Audio Sensibility Signature Silver DC which was recommended by some users here on AS. I found the Audio Sensibility Signature Silver DC allowing slightly more micro-dynamic sound on snare hits and clearly less grainy sound overall vs the Level 2. I did the comparison JCAT USB XE as source component, powered with Farad 3.
  10. So you would recommend to get one (I actually was thinking already, just saving funds ;) ) even after you have SJ DC3 powered EtherREGEN?
  11. These recent posts and info about the JCAT Optimo ATX, the 2021 seems to be one helluva year into making. "The year of computer audiophile" -Confucius
  12. Would you be kind to tell more about the Farad ATX PSU? I heard one is being designed but heard nothing since and the website does not tell anything? Are you a beta tester or something? Have I missed out something relevant info here?
  13. Yes, the best spec psu you can afford. I have had good experience with "even" LPS-1.2 and Farad3. Haven't tried else, yet 😉. It was not possible to A/B due to nature of mods and I did not have surplus stock unit so I cant say for sure how much each mod mattered relatively but it was a different beast, so to say. sCLK-EX is not required since the clock input is available in SU-2 and infact I noticed you have tX-USBultra so I don't how much, if any, would one do favors installed into SU-2. And at least you have a good master clock already. Dreaming of having one in future..
  14. Also one option to consider if you have interest to "max out": SU-2 modded with sCLK-EX board and DC-input jack for external LPS. I have SU-1 with such mods. It did not have master clock input originally like the SU-2 now has, but after the mods. I have not heard SU-2 (neither DI20/HE nor MC3+USB) myself but at least the company where I had my SU-1 being modified, MagnaHifi, offers modification now for SU-2. Of course they are the source of service and business but maybe you could ask them an opinion. I have had fulfilling correspondence with them and never felt being charged for n
  15. Yay! Joined aboard the EtherREGEN-train yesterday. Sorry for being late. Nothing new or fancy in this post but I wanted to comment now that I have had EtherREGEN burning in for about 28 hours now and while I thought to be quite comfortable with my setup pre-ER, having ER installed made me realize there is some good improving potential on the ethernet-side too besides LPS'd JCAT USB XE. And the first impressions so far are "just" with internal clock and stock PSU! Choo choo! P.S. Seriously, this site kills your wallet waay worse than Head-Fi (as it's often mentioned
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